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BC Employee Parking Information

for newly hired faculty and staff

A temporary pass (valid for one week, to allow you to obtain your regular permit) is available for newly hired faculty and staff to park for free in the “G” and "B" permit areas (excluding garages) listed below:

  • Chestnut Hill Campus:  Between Flynn Recreation Complex and Alumni Stadium/Yawkey Center/Conte Forum, next to Vanderslice, Walsh, 110 St Thomas More, Rear of More Hall and Edmond’s Hall
  • Newton Campus: In the white-lined spaces only.
  • Brighton Campus: In all “B” Permit areas – 129 Lots (across from 129 Lake St), Library Lot, 2115 Commonwealth Avenue Lot and the small parking lot on the Lake St side of 9 Lake St. 

* Parking in the garages using this temporary parking permit will be at a cost of $25 per day.

All staff must purchase a parking permit to park on campus.

To purchase a permit, please use your Agora account and click on “parking permits and citations.” This will allow you to register for a permit.

Follow this link for descriptions of permits and prices: /offices/transportation/parking/facstaff.html

After registering, please pick up your permit at Student Services, located in Lyons Hall.

Permits must be displayed in lower left-hand corner of windshield at all times.

Should you run into any problems registering, please email Transportation and Parking at, or call at (617) 552-0151.