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boston college transportation and parking services

Zipcar Logo As part of Boston College's overall efforts to offer the community alternatives to driving to work or class, the University is proud to collaborate with Zipcar.

Zipcar and Boston College have joined forces to give you easy access to Zipcars all over the city.  Click here for locations near Boston College.

Zipcar is pleased to offer Boston College employees and students a DISCOUNTED ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP of $25 (a savings of $150)!

Drive cars by the hour or the day ($9/hour and $68/day), hassle-free. Gas, maintenance, insurance, and parking included. Use them for errands, golf, events, shopping, or quick road trips any time of day. For those who take part in carpools, van pools, walk, bike or use mass transit to get to work or class, here is a car to run that occasional errand. Or perhaps it is the car you need to make that doctor or dental appointment. It's convenient and can be more cost-effective than owning a car.

Your Zipcard gives you instant access to a variety of great new cars — near work, transit, and home, parked in designated Zipcar spots. Simply reserve the car of your choice online (or by phone), access the car with your Zipcard, and drive!

Zipcar gives you access to over 300 cars in the Zipcar network in metro Boston, Washington, DC, and New York. To learn more and find locations visit

To join, visit and enter the group name: Boston College. Or call 1-866-4-ZIPCAR.

Zipcar VW Golf

When you vanpool, carpool or take the "T," here is your daytime alternative to go to that doctor's appointment or maybe an errand at lunch!


Zipcar Toyota RAV4 EV

Think Green! Toyota's RAV4 EV.


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