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Commuter Transit Benefit Program

tax savings & convenience

MBTA Transit Passes

Boston College has a great Commuter Benefit Program for those who utilize public transit to get to campus.

You will be able to order your transit pass online and enjoy the benefits of a pre-tax payroll deduction.  By participating, employees make the purchase of their transit passes more convenient AND save money when purchasing them from the MBTA or other transit providers. 

While tax savings vary, the average is 25-30% of the pass cost.

Payroll Deductions

A payroll deduction will be taken in the month before your Pass Month.  For example: a July Pass payroll deduction will be taken in June.

Passes Mailed to Your Home

For MBTA Link and Bus passes, you will be mailed a new Charlie Card.  For each consecutive month in which you have an order, your pass will be updated on your existing Charlie Card.

For Commuter Rail and other transit passes (which are not the MBTA Link and Bus), you will be mailed a paper ticket or Commuter Check voucher each month. Passes will be mailed between the 23rd and 30th of the month prior to use.

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UBER partneship with WageWorks

Q: How will participants use WageWorks Commuter Benefits in conjuction with Uber?

A: Participants can use their WageWorks Commuter Card to pay for UberPOOL rides. Participants elect the card on the WageWorks platform and once the card is funded, they can add it to the Uber app payment profile and use it to pay for UberPOOL rides.

Q: How will participants find Uber when they log into their WageWorks account?

A: Uber has been added as a transit operator on the WageWorks platform. Participants can make an election via the normal process and select Uber as the operator for which they wish to make an election. To ensure compliance, the only product that will be made available for UberPOOL will be the WageWorks card products.

Q: Which of Uber's services offerings work with WageWorks card products?

A: For compliance reasons, the only current Uber service that will work with the WageWorks pre-tax cards is UberPOOL. The UberPOOL services allows to share a ride with other passengers. The vehicle dispatched to WageWorks commuter benefits program participants will be vehicles with a seating capacity of at least six passangers (not including the driver). The WageWorks cards are not eligible to be used for UberX, UberBlack, or any other current Uber service.

Q: Where will UberPOOL work with WageWorks card products?

A: Initially cards only worked for UberPOOL in New York City. The program will be or is available to other UberPOOL markets including Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, New Jersey, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington DC.

Q: Is this compliant?

A: Yes, UberPOOL is compliant with the IRS code as long as it is a rideshare service that uses vehicle with a seating capacity of at least six passengers (not including the driver).

Q: What kind of vehicle will they send?

A: When using a WageWorks card product, Uber will only send a vehicle that seats six or more (not including the driver). This is to ensure the vehicle is compliant with pre-tax commuter regulations.

Q: What happens if a participant tries to use another Uber product with a WageWorks card?

A: Uber had undergone back end development that will ensure cards cannot be used for other Uber products. An ineligible transaction will not work and will require the participant to use another form of payment.

Q: Is there a promotion for WageWorks participants? Is it just for Commuter participants?

A: Uber is offering a promotion for any employee of a WageWorks client who signs up with Uber using the WageWorks promotion code. It doesn't matter what WageWorks product they use or that they even currently use a WageWorks product. If they are employed by a client of WageWorks and sign up for Uber as a new user, they will receive up to $5.00 off the first three rides with Uber.

Q: Who does Uber consider as a "new user" in terms of being entitled to the $5.00 promo code?

A: A "new user" is defined as an individual who downloads the Uber app, creates a new user account, enters the promo code and completes the first ride using the Uber app.

Q: Will there be another Uber service for which participants can use our card products?

A: Right now, UberPOOL is the only service offered by Uber that will work with our commuter benefits card.


WageWorks is the industry leading provider of tax-advantaged consumer directed health, commuter & employee benefit plans in the United States.
UberPOOL allows you to share your ride and split the cost of your trip wiht another Uber rider headed in the same direction.