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Guaranteed Ride Home

boston college transportation and parking services

When life throws you a curve...

Many commuters like the idea of using public transportation or ridesharing, but are afraid of being stranded during an emergency. Boston College realizes these complexities in the daily life of the working family and therefore offers a guaranteed ride home for registered Rideshare Program employee participants. There are limitations, but when that emergency arises, there is a solution.

When you register for the Boston College Rideshare Program and use an alternative mode to get to work, you'll have a Boston College Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) available in an emergency.

You must be registered

Any pre-registered Boston College employee who uses public transportation, carpools, vanpools, bikes, or walks to work at least three days per week may use the program.


When can I use it?

Use of the program is limited to those who cannot travel home by their usual alternative mode due to any of the following circumstances:

  • Personal illness or emergency
  • Family illness or emergency
  • Unscheduled/unplanned overtime

Limitations to GRH

The GRH Program does not apply to the following conditions:

  • Weather delays or weather-related emergencies
  • Mass transit delays/disruptions and cancellations
  • Construction disruption to normal commuting on mass transit or roadways
  • Traffic congestion or roadway emergencies
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