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boston college transportation and parking services

Boston College urges all Faculty and Staff to consider carpooling to and from the University. Not only will this aid in taking many cars off the road, but it will be less expensive and helps reduce pollutants. It will also help the University introduce new carpool features for the long run.

Carpooling also rewards all commuters, because less parking is needed at BC, and all carpools will be guaranteed a prime parking location on campus. Additionally, it is cheaper for each person in the carpool. Please email to see if there may be neighbors who work with you at BC and might be interested in sharing the commute.

One of MassRIDE' most-used programs is called NuRide. This free tool helps residents in Massachusetts find carpool or vanpool matches and provides rewards for green commutes. Create an account on the website for someone to carpool or vanpool with, if you don't already have someone in mind to ask. For every green trip you log into the dashboard, you will receive points that you can apply to redeem discounts to local and national retailers. 

You can also check out the MassRIDES website for information on vanpools by clicking here.

Many frequently asked questions can be answered by calling our office at 617-552-0151 or by sending an email. Some of these questions are likely answered below:



Q:   If my child falls ill during the day or I am called home, how do I get there if I am in a carpool?
A:   Boston College guarantees you a ride home. Vans have been arranged to be on hand to take you home, or another form of transportation will conveniently get you home at no charge to you. See the Emergency Ride Home page for more details.
Q:   If I get involved in a carpool, will we have to use the same person's car each time?
A:   No! Every person in a carpool can have their own registered vehicle assigned to one hanging parking permit that can be transferred from vehicle to vehicle.