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BC Shuttle Bus

behavioral guidelines

All people riding the BC Shuttle have the right to expect a safe space waiting for the shuttle, a safe trip once on the shuttle, and reliable service. Boston College strives to make sure these three characteristics of high-quality transportation are consistently maintained.

In order to ensure the safety of all who ride the BC Shuttle, and in accordance with the Community Standards Policies of Boston College, we would like to remind students of these behavioral expectations while riding or waiting for the BC Shuttle.

In order to advance these standards, the following is NOT permitted:

  • Physically aggressive behavior toward passengers or drivers, including pushing or forcing one’s way onto the bus
  • Blocking, leaning on, holding open, or attempting to open doors
  • Any form of physical contact with a bus driver
  • Any form of inflammatory, disrespectful, or otherwise distracting speech directed toward a bus driver or fellow passengers
  • Possession of open containers of alcohol
  • Banging on or attempting to board a moving bus
  • Damaging, defacing or in any way marring the interior or exterior of a bus
    • Any costs associated with repairs or cleaning will be charged to the responsible student.
  • Bringing pets on (only service animals will be allowed)
  • Smoking

Above all else, please demonstrate common courtesy and respect for those around you, and allow all members of the Boston College community to get the most out of the BC Shuttle service.

Failure to adhere to the standards listed above may result in one or more of the following:

  • Removal from the shuttle
  • Referral to the Boston College Student Conduct System for administrative or disciplinary action
  • Prohibition from further use of the shuttle