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Financial Resources

Resources for the Treasurers of Student Organizations

The Office of Student Involvment oversees the SOFC and works closely with the SABSC to provide assistance and training for organization funding. All treasurer's must be trained by the SABSC and familiar with the OSI funding guidelines before managing any organization funds.


Student Affairs Business Service Center (SABSC)

The SABSC processes financial transactions for student organizations.The SABSC services include: reimbursements, payments, purchase orders, fund transfers, P-card management, eMarket revenue collection, deposits, treasurer' training, financial updates, financial reporting and reconciliation, and MyFiles financial records maintenance.

For financial forms or more information, go to the SABSC website.


Frequently Asked Questions

Student Organization Funding Committee (SOFC)

The SOFC ensures a just system of funding student organizations at Boston College. Its mission is to give student organizations the opportunity to provide the Boston College Community with a wide array of student activities.

For funding guidelines, to identify your SOFC representative, or instructions for submitting a budget, please see the SOFC website.




All fundraising must be approved by the Office of Student Involvement and conducted using the University‚Äôs eMarket system which allows for the electronic collection of revenue.  Student Organizations that wish to raise funds must complete and submit the eMarket Request Form to the Office of Student Involvement.  The Office of Student Involvement will not approve or authorize any cash fundraising. Training for eMarket is available in the student organization training portal.

eMarket Forms

Student Organizations are each assigned a 32 digit chartstring.  This chartstring is divided into seven fields:

Department (025101), Fund (920), Fund Source (5 digits-specific to organization), Program (00000), Function (999), Property (00000), and *Account (67500)

 *The Account field is needed to request space via the room requisition system, but is not used to process payment requests. 

The Student Organization chartstring is the only approved method of processing payments to vendors or reimbursements to members. Student Organizations are not authorized to establish outside banking accounts.  All funds collected by Student Organizations must be deposited into the chartstring.  Members of Student Organizations may not, under any circumstance, provide personal payment to vendors.