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Posting Policy

appropriate use of space

All posters and banners must be submitted for approval on MyBc and approved by the Office of Student Involvement (Carney Hall, Suite 147)

The purpose of this policy is to manage the physical posting of material on campus in a way that ensures the appropriate use of available space, prevents the defacing of University property and reduces unnecessary expenditures of University resources used to repair and/or replace University property.  All student organization and department postings on the Boston College Campus must be approved and stamped. Postings must contain all information that is relevant to the event. Postings must be consistent with the principles and values espoused by Boston College. In addition, the content of the postings must avoid demeaning or discriminatory portrayals of individuals or groups, cannot be libelous, violate copyright law, or contain any material that is inconsistent with the community standards of Boston College, including any references to alcohol, drugs, or sexual innuendos. We reserve the right to make decisions regarding the approval of what is to be posted.

Sidewalk chalk is not permitted anywhere on campus



  • Pertain to and be sponsored by a Boston College student organization or department
  • Normal size is 8½" x 11" or smaller
  • Limited larger postings are permitted; please see #5 for more details.
  • Contain a blank 2" x 2" space in the bottom right
    for the approval stamp (quarter sheets exempt)
  • Boston College contact name and either a phone number, email address, or website address
  • PLEASE NOTE: In special circumstances such as UGBC elections, additional restrictions may apply.



  1. Complete the Posting Approval Request form in MyBC.
  2. Once the postings are approved and the copies have been made, return to OSI to stamp the copied flyers. Copies printed directly by Eagle Print submitted via MyBC may be stamped by Eagle Print.
  3. There is a maximum of 50 postings per event (quarter sheets must be approved but do not have to be stamped). Postings will be stamped for up to 7 days.


PLEASE NOTE: Photocopied stamps ARE NOT acceptable proof of approval and violate the Posting Policy (unless printed directly at Eagle Print). Any flyer or banner that has a photocopied stamp will be taken down and the organization may lose privileges to post.


  1. What Can I Post With? Scotch tape and regular masking tape are the only types of tape and/or adhesive that        may be used. NEVER use stickers, duct tape, packing tape, or “fun tack” type materials. If the approved posting        area is a surface where tacks, staples, etc. may be used (such as bulletin boards), those are appropriate ways to        post flyers.

  2. How Long Can My Posting Stay Up?
    Flyers may be posted in approved locations 7 days prior to the event. The sponsoring group must remove all flyers in approved locations within 24 hours after the event has taken place. Recycling is encouraged!

  3. Where Can I Post? 
    1. O’Neill Stairwell: There is a limit of 5 postings per event in the O’Neill Stairwell. Postings are allowed on the two side walls but are NOT ALLOWED on the overhang wall or on the stairs and railings. 

    2. McElroy Stairwell “This Week at BC”: There are designated areas to post one flyer per event for events occurring during that week. Other areas in McElroy that are approved for posting are the main lobby in addition to the ATM and mailbox areas. To be fair to all clubs and organizations, we ask that each group limit themselves to a maximum of 2 postings per event in McElroy.

    3. Flat Screens: Organizations can have their events advertised on the flat screen TV’s around campus. Go to for more information.

    4. Academic Buildings There is one “What’s Up” bulletin board in each academic building. The bulletin board locations are: Carney 1st floor, Cushing 1st floor, Devlin basement, Fulton 2nd and 3rd floors, Gasson 1st floor, Higgins 3rd floor, Lyons basement, Merkert 1st floor, and McGuinn 1st floor.

    5. Dining Halls: Postings must be approved by the manager of each particular dining hall.

    6. Plex: See the supervisor of the Plex for permission to post.

    7. Residence Halls: Bring postings to Residential Life in Maloney Hall, Suite 415. Maximum of 138 postings per event.

    8. Robsham Theater: Postings must be approved by Howard Enoch in Robsham Theater. Maximum of six postings per event.

    9. Outside: The designated two-sided and three-sided kiosks throughout campus.

    10. Where Can I Not Post?
      1. Bus stops or emergency call boxes
      2. Glass, brick, or painted surfaces
      3. Sidewalks, stairs, or railings
      4. Bathrooms
      5. Stokes, Conte Forum, O’Neill Library, or Bapst Library
      6. Commonwealth Avenue or Beacon Street Garages
  4. May I Display Postings Larger than 8 ½” x 11”?
    1. No more than 20 legal (8 ½” x 14”) or tabloid (11” x 17”) sized postings are permitted.
    2. There is a maximum limit of 2 large postings per event in the O’Neill stairwell and 1 large posting per event in McElroy.
  5. How Will Violations Be Handled? Facilities Services monitors postings on campus. Postings or banners that do not adhere to any part of the posting policy will be removed and the organization will be contacted. Repeat violations may result in revoking privileges to post flyers/banners in the future. Fines: Any postings on bus stops or Emergency Call Boxes may result in a $100 fine for the offending organization.


A student group or department may advertise on a kiosk located in the Hillside lobby and the 4th floor of Maloney.  The poster board must be vertical (2’ x 3’) and be approved by the Office of Student Involvement. To get the poster approved, go to the Office of Student Involvement portal on MyBC page, click “Events,” and click the Monday of the week that you want to reserve a posting kiosk.  Click “Register,” and fill out the form.  The Kiosk will be reserved for the entire week.  Advertisements may not be posted more than five days prior to an event.  Advertising space is based upon availability and OSI approval.


Displays, messages, and awareness campaigns may use temporary signage. This includes all free-standing publicity (e.g. signs, sandwich boards, A-frames, etc). The primary purpose of temporary lawn displays is to give directions, note location of events and activities, or advertise a particular event. Please note: Temporary Lawn Displays may need to be removed for maintenance or other facility related projects.

  1. To gain approval, student organizations or departments must:
    1. Request/reserve either the O'Neill Plaza-ALL, Academic Quad-ALL or the Campus Green-ALL (Stokes Lawn) via EBMS. Booking multiple lawn spaces during the same time period is not permitted.
    2. Submit the display request via a "Posting Approval Request Form” through MyBC (display must be approved by OSI).
    3. Student Organizations only - Submit an event request to OSI through MyBC (event must be approved by OSI).
  2. Student organizations/departments are allowed a maximum of 10 lawn signs for each designated location. Other free standing lawn displays will require additional permission from OSI.

  3. Lawn displays can be placed on campus up to one week prior to the event, and must be taken down immediately following the event (evening of the event or first thing the following morning).

  4. Lawn displays must not interfere with pedestrian or vehicular traffic. Lawn displays must not interfere with the maintenance of the lawn or disrupt sprinklers and other inground systems.

  5. Corporate logos and other marketing is only permitted when the company is working directly with a student organization/department.



  • Pertain to and be sponsored by a registered Boston College student organization
  • Boston College contact name and either a phone number, email address, or website address

PLEASE NOTE: In special circumstances such as UGBC elections, additional restrictions may apply.


  1. Before creating a painted banner, a student organization representative must go to OSI to pick up a plastic drop sheet to lay under the banner. Facilities Services requires the plastic sheets so that concrete surfaces will not be damaged.
  2. Banners MUST be created outdoors. Banners CANNOT be painted inside Carney, Maloney, McElroy, or any other building.
  3. All banners must be brought to OSI to be approved and stamped. Please be sure paint is dry before being brought to OSI.
  4. Only rope (no tape of any kind) can be used to hang banners.
  5. Banners may hang for up to seven days.

The student organization is responsible for removing the banner on the stamped removal date. Banners that are not removed are considered a posting policy violation and may result in the loss of future privileges. The student organization is responsible for removing the banner on the stamped removal date. Banners that are not removed are considered a posting policy violation and may result in the loss of future privileges.


  • For each event, student groups may hang up to two banners
  • Banners must be hung within the walls of the Chestnut Hill and Newton campuses. Banners should not be visible from outside campus (e.g., no banners are permitted on Beacon Street, St. Thomas More Drive, or Commonwealth Avenue).
  • Banners may be hung on parking garages as long as they do not interrupt the traffic flow of vehicles or pedestrians, and are not hung up by tape. Banners may not be hung on buildings or in front of Robsham Theater. B
  • Banners may not be hung on the trees in O’Neill Plaza, the Quad or Campus Green