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Leadershape Institute


2019-2020 LeaderShape Institute Application

The LeaderShape Institute is a national organization that has been established for over 30 years across various college campuses. LeaderShape began at Boston College in 2013, accepting up to 60 students each year for a six-day experience to explore what makes you a leader, equip you with the tools to achieve your full leadership potential, and aid you in sustaining your leadership vision for the future.

The LeaderShape experience features six extensive days of community building and personal leadership development, each day is designed to target a specific area of development:

Day One:  "Building Community"

Day Two:  "The Value of One, the Power of All"

Day Three:  "Challenging What Is, Looking to What Could Be"

Day Four:  "Bringing Vision to Reality"

Day Five:  "Living and Leading with Integrity"

Day Six:  "Staying in Action"

"This was life-changing! Definitely the best retreat I have ever gone on." – 2019 LeaderShape Participant

"I got to know everyone, not just the people in my small group because of an effort our facilitators made to help us reach outside those friendships." – 2019 LeaderShape Participant

"Far and away the best retreat I have been on in college."   – 2019 LeaderShape Participant

“It was fabulous! Really challenged me emotionally, socially, and professionally." – 2019 LeaderShape Participant

"It has probably been the best retreat I have been on at any level of my life." – 2019 LeaderShape Participant

“I participated in courageous conversations about equity, ethical value, and my own leadership development. I formed strong friendships because of our common commitment to our visions.” – 2019 LeaderShape Participant

“A community of leaders and remarkable people who came together to support the growth of each other, our campus, and the world.” – 2019 LeaderShape Participant

“I got to make 50-60 new friends and have meaningful conversations with them.” – 2019 LeaderShape Participant

“An incredibly formative experience that challenges you to go against the grain and question everything you know to effect change in the world.” – 2019 LeaderShape Participant

“Really helpful in clearing my future path and purpose. Very good time especially as a sophomore to stop and ask why? And to understand how to be a leader as I become an upperclassman.” – 2019 LeaderShape Participant

“Very fine time of reflecting and learning more about myself and developing stronger relationships with great and amazing people.” – 2019 LeaderShape Participant

“A leadership program that helps define integrity and the social justice aspects of leading a group. But mostly, it was a great way to meet new people and form new connections.” – 2019 LeaderShape Participant

Lead with Integrity Flyer Application
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To apply for LeaderShape fill out the application today!


Boston College | Office of Student Involvement | 140 Commonwealth Avenue, Chestnut Hill, MA 02467 | 617–552–3480