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Summer Information

Student Employment

Welcome to Boston College student employment for the Summer of 2018! The following information will provide you with important details about student employment policies and procedures. Please read this carefully, and contact the Office of Student Services at 617-552-3300 if you have any questions.

The Summer employment period begins Sunday, May 20, 2018, and ends Saturday, August 25, 2018. Students may work 30 or more hours per week (to a maximum of 40 hours per week) but may not work more than 12 weeks of the summer employment period working these hours as a student employee of Boston College, even if working more than one job for Boston College. Students may only work more than 12 weeks of our 14 week summer employment period if they average no more than 29 hours per week throughout the summer even if working more than one job for Boston College. Human Resources will be monitoring hours being worked, and it is expected that employers as well as their student employees will do the same to ensure compliance with this University policy that went into effect in January of 2015.

Direct Deposit is the method of payment for all University employees, including student employees, and you must complete a Direct Deposit Enrollment Form if you have not worked for the University before. You will be paid for hours worked. You will not be paid for lunch breaks, holidays, or as a result of any emergency closing.

Job listings are posted for viewing on our website. Individual listings are maintained by employing departments. Review the different job listings, and contact employers directly.

Boston College uses an automated student employment system for on-campus hourly paid employment. BC students simply need to contact the department directly; if they are hired, that campus employer will be able to process the student's employment information electronically as long as the student has completed the I-9 process with Boston College.

Students who have been awarded Federal Work-Study for the Summer and plan to work through our Off-Campus Federal Work-Study Program, including Community Service, must have a paper Hire/Rehire Form completed by both the student and the agency. Be certain to review our summer Off-Campus Federal Work-Study page for important information about this off-campus program.

All new employees, including student employees, must complete a Form I-9 (Employment Eligibility and Verification) and provide original documents that establish both identity and employment eligibility, which is mandated by the Department of Homeland Security. Refer to our I-9 Process page for important details about this requirement. Print out a form and complete Section 1 prior to coming to the Office of Student Services with that form and your original documents. In addition, all new student employees will be required to read, complete, and sign the form "Student Hours at Boston College" pertaining to the number of hours students may work for Boston College at different times of the year. This form will be given to the student and needs to be done at the time when the Form I-9 process is being handled. Boston College undergraduate and graduate students (except new graduate student hires being paid a monthly stipend) will complete and sign the Student Hours form at the Office of Student Services in Lyons Hall. New graduate student hires being paid a monthly stipend, as well as Non-BC students being paid weekly, will complete the Student Hours form when completing the Form I-9 process at the Human Resources Service Center at 129 Lake Street on the Brighton campus.

All new employees, including students, must also complete a Direct Deposit Enrollment Form as well as Federal and State income tax withholding forms.  These forms are available at the Human Resources Service Center’s (HRSC) website,, as well as at You can bring them to the HRSC at 129 Lake Street on the Brighton campus, or you can complete those forms online by logging into and selecting the “My Services” page after your Hire Form has been processed by the HRSC. (Refer to “News & Notes” on the Student Employment main page for additional information.) International students, however, still will need to go to the HRSC at 129 Lake Street, Room 100, on the Brighton campus with their passport, visa, and social security number or receipt, and assistance in completing paper tax withholding forms is available at the HRSC.  Permanent resident students will only need to bring their PR card to the HRSC.  It is suggested that students call ahead to the HRSC at 617-552-6409 to confirm the availability of the foreign tax specialist.

Accepting a position involves a commitment, and you have definite responsibilities to your employer. Besides performing your duties to the best of your ability, you are expected to be dependable and considerate, and you must notify your employer as early as possible if you are going to be absent, arrive late, or need to leave early, since it may be necessary to assign your duties to another employee. Also, you must act in a professional manner concerning confidentiality of University, employer, or student records. A breach of confidentiality is cause for dismissal from any employment program.

A student's employment may be terminated by his or her employer if that student's work is unsatisfactory or if the student fails to comply with required policies and procedures. Furthermore, students with poor work records or fail to comply with the University’s student hours policy may forfeit their eligibility to participate in any current and future student employment programs with Boston College. Keep in mind that future employers may want to contact the University for employment-related references after you graduate.

You are expected to work for the same employer throughout the Summer until your agreed-upon end date, unless informed otherwise. If you decide to voluntarily terminate your job earlier than the date agreed upon when hired, you must offer your employer two weeks' notice in order to allow that employer the opportunity to find another student employee.

Non-BC Students

Non-BC students may be employed by Boston College during the Summer. The Hire Form that is used for these individuals is available on the HRSC web site. Non-BC students will also need to bring their completed Form I-9, along with original documents, to the HRSC if they are being hired by Boston College for the first time; and, if a new student employee for Boston College, you also will need to read, complete, and sign the Student Hours form while there.

Students Who Graduate in May

Students who graduate in May from Boston College may be employed in a student hourly paid job for the Summer only. The Hire Form that is used for these individuals is available on the HRSC web site. The Summer student employment period ends August 25, 2018. If the former student will be a first-time University employee, the student will also need to complete a Form I-9 and bring it, along with original documents, to the HRSC in More Hall for verification and completion of that form; and, if a first-time University employee, you also will need to read, complete, and sign the Student Hours form while there. You may also work 30 or more hours per week (but no more than 40 hours) for Boston College, but if you do average 30 or more hours per week then your summer employment also may not exceed 12 weeks even if working more than one job for Boston College.

Off-Campus Non Federal Work-Study Employment

Enrolled Boston College students have an online resource for finding Off-Campus Non-Federal Work-Study employment opportunities through access to, which offers 24/7 access via the internet. This program is separate from our Federal Work-Study Program. Job searches can be made by job title or by geographic area. Visit for more details, or email them at

Please note that Boston College's Office of Student Services partnered with to provide this service to our students. However, because these are off-campus employment opportunities, it is strongly encouraged that you do not accept any job offer until you are certain of the duties and requirements of the job as well as the commitment that you will be making. You must decide if you want to pursue any specific opportunity. We do not refer students to any specific job, nor do we match students with any job. A Boston College Hire Form is not used for these off-campus employment opportunities. Any student hired for one of these jobs is an employee of that off-campus employer, and payment is a matter between the student and that employer.

Do not hesitate to contact the Office of Student Services if you have any questions about Summer student employment.











If you would like a paper copy of this webpage, please contact the Office of Student Services' Communications team at or the Office of Student Services.