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Payment to Students for One-Time Service

If a student has not worked previously for the University in an hourly paid or monthly stipend job, then that student first must be hired by their home department in the PeopleSoft/HR system in order for that student to be identified and then paid. Also, as with any new University hire, that student will have to complete Federal and state income tax withholding forms, the Federally mandated Employment Eligibility and Verification (I-9) process, and a Direct Deposit form.

A Student Job Request also will have to be created first if the department does not have an applicable Student Job Request created already for that employment period: Summer or academic year. (University employers should refer to the annual April email sent by the Office of Student Services concerning Summer and academic year student employment. Information also can be viewed by reading our General Information for Campus Employers.

Note: If a Student Job Request must be created for that one-time only service, the employer can use the student job title of “Service Provider” (#627 in the Student Job Classifications listing in PeopleSoft/HR). Please be certain to include a brief description of the specific duties performed by the student/s.

A Supplemental Payment Requisition Form can be used to pay a student for the one-time service provided by that student. Completed and signed Supplemental Payment Forms must be sent directly to the appropriate budgetary approval office by the employer (home department) before submission by that budgetary approval office to the HR Service Center for payment.

Note: The student must be identified in the University’s payroll system in order to be paid via this supplemental payment method. If the student has not worked previously for the University, then that student must be hired by their home department. Refer to the above information about the hiring process and forms completion requirement.

If a student has previously worked for the University or been hired recently, that student can also be paid through HR/Kronos using the weekly time sheet process if that student:

  • Has been hired for one-time service through regular hourly-wage student hire process
  • Is in the University’s payroll system for that one-time service