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Tax Forms

completing federal and state income tax forms

Federal Tax Form (W-4)

If a parent is claiming you as a dependent, you can only claim Single with 0 withholding allowance on Line 5. You cannot claim Exempt.

If a parent is not claiming you as a dependent, you can claim 0 or 1 withholding allowance. More tax is withheld when you claim a withholding allowance of 0 than when you claim withholding allowance of 1.

You cannot claim exempt if (1) you will be earning more than $950 from January through December 2011 and more than $250 of unearned income (e.g., interest and dividends), and (2) another person can claim you as a dependent on his/her tax return.

Massachusetts Tax Form (M-4)

If you will not earn more than $8,000 from January through December 2011, you can check Box D, and no state tax will be withheld.

If you want state tax to be withheld, you can enter 0 or 1 withholding allowance on Line 1.

Both tax forms must be signed and dated.

Contact the Human Resources Service Center (HRSC) if you have any questions about payroll, tax withholding, or Direct Deposit. The HRSC is located at 129 Lake Street on the Brighton campus, and the phone number is 617-552-4772. Their web site is

Blank copies of both tax forms and the Direct Deposit form are available at the HRSC’s web site. as well as on the Student Services web site at; or, after you have been hired and your Hire Form has been processed by the HRSC, you can complete both tax forms and a Direct Deposit form at “My Services” page. (Refer to “News & Notes” on the Student Employment main page for additional information.) Again, contact the HRSC if you have any questions.

Be certain to update your tax and/or Direct Deposit information at “My Services” page whenever a change has to be made such as a change to your Direct Deposit bank account or mailing address.