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Frequently Asked Questions About Student Employment

Q: Do I have to work if I have been awarded Federal Work-Study as part of my financial aid package?
A: No. Federal Work-Study is an opportunity for students to work in order to earn money to pay for college expenses, as well as to gain valuable employment experience. It is one component of an aid package that may be composed of loan, scholarship/grant, or work awards. A student may choose to decline the work offer. However, there is an expected contribution from work by students who apply for and receive financial aid.

Q: Am I guaranteed a job on campus if I have been awarded Federal Work-Study?
A: No. Federal Work-Study is an opportunity to work. It is not a guarantee of on-campus employment. Boston College also provides off-campus employment opportunities with non-profit organizations, as well as with city, state, and federal government offices that contract with our University. Federal Work-Study offers a wide range of employment opportunities, including community service and America Reads participation.

Q: Are my earnings deducted from my student account?
A: No. Students receive payment, which is deposited directly to their checking or savings bank account after a Direct Deposit Enrollment Form has been completed by the student and delivered to the Human Resources Service Center (HRSC) at 129 Lake Street on the Brighton campus. A blank enrollment form is available on the HRSC's Forms and Documentation page, as well as on "My Services" page after the student's Hire form has been processed by the HRSC and the link appears on that page.

Q: Where can I find a listing of part-time employment opportunities?
A: Student employment information and both on- and off-campus employment opportunities are listed on the Student Employment website.

Q: What forms do I need to complete when I am hired by Boston College and I have not worked previously for the University?
A: All new employees, including student employees, must complete a Direct Deposit Enrollment Form, W-4 and M-4 income tax withholding forms, and a Form I-9 (Employment Eligibility and and Verification), as well as a Student Hours form. All but the Student Hours form are available on the HRSC's Forms and Documentation page. Completed paper Direct Deposit Enrollment, W-4, and M-4 forms are to be delivered to the HRSC at 129 Lake Street on the Brighton campus; or, after being hired and your Hire Form has been processed by the HRSC, you can complete both tax forms and a Direct Deposit form on "My Services" page. (Refer to "News & Notes" on the Student Employment main page for additional information.) Contact the HRSC at 617-552-4772 if you have any questions. In addition, all new student employees will be required to read, complete, and sign the form "Student Hours at Boston College" pertaining to the number of hours students may work for Boston College at different times of the year.  This form will be given to the student and needs to be done at the time when the Form I-9 process is being handled. Boston College undergraduate and graduate students (except new graduate student hires being paid a monthly stipend) will complete and sign the Student Hours form at the Office of Student Services in Lyons Hall. New graduate student hires being paid a monthly stipend, as well as Non-BC students being paid weekly, will complete the Student Hours form when completing the Form I-9 process at the Human Resources Service Center at 129 Lake Street on the Brighton campus.

Q: Am I limited as to the number of hours I may work each week?
Yes. It is a Boston College Policy that Graduate Students, Undergraduate Students, and Non-BC Students may work no more than a total of 20 hours per week for Boston College during the academic year. This aggregate limit applies to all assistantships, stipends in compensation for services, and hourly positions.  Students may work more than 20 hours per week (but less than 30 hours between semesters and during school breaks). During the summer period a student may work more than 30 hours per week (to a maximum of 40 hours), but any period during which a student averages 30 or more hours per week may not exceed 12 weeks.