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Repayment Information

Campus-Based Loans

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Boston College's Student Loans Department has contracted with a billing servicer called Educational Computer Systems, Inc. (ECSI). They are an industry leader for servicing and billing of student loan receivables. With this exciting partnership, Boston College will now be able to allow its borrowers full access to view their own loan accounts, make online changes to their addresses, sign up for e-billing, make online payments, and use electronic draft payments.

Boston College did NOT sell any loans. This is merely a new and sophisticated partnership to give borrowers online access to their accounts.

Student Loan staff is always available at Boston College to answer questions or concerns. You may also speak with ECSI 's customer service staff at any time by calling 888-549-3274.

Boston College will no longer show borrowers’ Social Security numbers on loan billing statements. Your Eagle ID number is now your account number.

Monthly repayment will begin upon expiration of the grace period. Prepayment of all or part of this loan can be made at any time without penalty.

Interest accrues monthly on the 13th. Payments are due by the first day of the following month.

The University may impose a late charge if the scheduled payment is not made when due. Late charges may also be imposed if proper documentation to defer the payment is not submitted in a timely manner (as determined by the University). Payments are applied to accounts in the following order:

  • Collection costs (if applicable)
  • Late charges (if applicable)
  • Accrued interest
  • Principal

Repayment Options

There are several options to repay your Boston College Loan:

  • Billing statements
  • E-billing
  • Electronic payment
  • Payments in person
  • Payments without payment stub
  • Payments made via personal computer (online banking)

Billng Statements: If you elect this option, a billing statement will be mailed each month to the address on file. It is very important to keep your billing address updated with ECSI at all times. A missing billing statement does not alleviate your responsibility to make a payment. If for any reason you do not receive your billing statement, you may mail your payment to the mailing address below. You can also login to your account on ECSI's website to view an image of your bill. You should then check the mailing address we have on file for you and update it if necessary.

E-Billing: ECSI offers e-billing: You may choose to receive a billing statement through your email. Login directly to ECSI's website to initiate this service.

Electronic Payment (ACH): Sign up for this quick and easy loan payment method. Monthly payments are taken from your checking or savings account and transferred electronically to your loan account. You may choose your minimum payment or any amount higher that you like. You also have a choice of four possible withdrawal dates: the 1st, 10th, 15th, or 20th of each month. Choose the one that best fits your pay schedule. Login directly to ECSI's website to initiate this service.

Payments in Person: Payments can be made at BC's Office of Student Services, Lyons Hall, Room 101, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays), between 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Payments Without a Payment Stub: If you have lost or misplaced your billing statement, please mail your check directly to ECSI (see address below). Be certain to include your account number (Eagle ID number) on the check. You may also simply login to ECSI's website and make an electronic payment

Payments Made via Personal Computer (Online Banking): If you have automated banking services or use your personal computer to issue payments, please send them directly to ECSI (see address below). NOTE: This method of payment is the least efficient of all choices. Your bank is merely writing a check for you and sending it without a payment stub. Often, this delays processing. Please consider switching to ACH (electronic payment) see above for details.

Payment Mailing Address

181 Montour Road
Coraopolis, PA 15108-9408


Please make checks payable to Boston College. Please write "loan payment" and your Eagle ID number on all checks.


Questions About Repayment?


For answers to questions you may have regarding repayment, call the Office of Student Services at 800-294-0294 and ask to speak with a member of the Loan Staff. You may also email questions to