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Internship/Residency Deferment

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Deferment Qualifications

A borrower who is serving in a medical internship or residency program is not considered to be in school for deferment purposes and may not receive an in-school deferment on that Perkins loan for the internship or residency program. However, the borrower is eligible for an internship deferment for up to two years. To obtain this kind of deferment, a borrower must provide the institution with specific evidence.

To qualify for a deferment in an internship required for state licensing, the borrower must provide the institution with the following certifications:

  • A statement from an official of the appropriate state licensing agency that successful completion of the internship program is a prerequisite for its certification of the individual for professional service or practice
  • A statement from the organization offering the internship program certifying that a person must have a bachelor's degree to be admitted into the internship program and that the borrower has been accepted into its internship program
  • The anticipated dates on which the borrower will begin and complete the program

This deferment is exclusive to Perkins loans made before July 1, 1993, and National Direct Student Loans made between October 1, 1980, and July 1, 1993.

Download a Request for Deferment form (PDF).