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Early Intervention Cancellation

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If you are receiving or applying for an employment-related deferment or cancellation benefit, you are required to use Boston College forms, which may be obtained from the links below. If you have questions or concerns about cancellation and deferment benefits that relate to your employment, please contact Boston College directly at 1-800-294-0294.

This cancellation applies to all Federal Perkins Loans and National Direct Student Loans (NDSL) made on or after July 23, 1992. It also applies to National Direct Student Loans made prior to July 23, 1992; however, it applies to these loans only for work or service performed on or after October 7, 1998.

Eligible Employment

To be considered eligible for this type of yearly partial cancellation, the borrower must be employed full-time as a qualified professional provider of early intervention services, as described in section 672(2) of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, in a public or non-profit program under public supervision.

Definitions from the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

  • The term "handicapped children" [Section 602 (a)(1)] means mentally retarded, hard-of-hearing, deaf, speech- or language-impaired, visually handicapped, seriously emotionally disturbed, orthopedically impaired, or other health-impaired children with specific learning disabilities who by reason thereof require special education and related services.
  • The term "handicapped infants and toddlers" [Section 672 (1)] means individuals from birth to age two, inclusive, who need early intervention services because they are experiencing developmental delays, as measured by appropriate diagnostic instruments and procedures in one or more of the following areas: cognitive, physical, psychosocial, language or speech development, or in self-help skills; or they have a diagnosed physical or mental condition which has a high probability of resulting in developmental delay. Such terms may also include, at a state's discretion, individuals who are at risk of having substantial developmental delays if early intervention services are not provided.
  • "Early intervention services" [Section 672 (2)] are developmental services which are: provided under public supervision, provided at no cost except where Federal or State law provides for a system of payments by families, including a schedule of sliding fees, and designed to meet "handicapped infants or toddlers" developmental needs.
  • "Qualified personnel" include special educators, speech and language pathologists and audiologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, psychologists, social workers, nurses, and nutritionists; and they are provided in conformity with an individualized family service plan [Section 677].

Cancellation Rates

  • 15% of the original principal amount for each of the first and second full years of employment;
  • 20% of the original principal amount for each of the third and fourth full years of employment; and
  • 30% of the original principal amount for the fifth full year of employment.

General Requirements

  • Borrower must apply for deferment and cancellation by obtaining the specific cancellation forms from Boston College.
  • Borrower must provide employment verification; proof of license, registration, or certification; and any other documentation that the school requests to show that he or she qualifies for cancellation.
  • Forms must be submitted by the deadlines established by Boston College.
  • None of the loan may be cancelled for services performed either before the date the loan was disbursed or during the enrollment period covered by the loan.
  • Defaulted loan amounts are not eligible for cancellation. Only cancellations for time prior to acceleration will be allowed.
  • No repayments made by a borrower during a period for which the borrower qualified for cancellation may be refunded.

Download an Early Intervention Cancellation form (PDF).