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Please continue to complete the Boston College Deferment and Cancellation Application forms from the links below. You will continue to correspond directly with Boston College for these benefits.

Qualifications for Cancellation Benefits

A borrower must be employed full-time for twelve consecutive months in a qualifying position with a qualifying agency. Specific criteria for each type of cancellation must be met, in addition to providing required documentation requested by the University (copy of license, certification, or registration).

The borrower's account must be paid current to the date of eligible employment for cancellation.

Professional Employment

Perkins loan borrowers may have all or part of a Perkins loan cancelled while employed full-time for twelve consecutive months in a qualifying profession. Below is a list of those that qualify. Click on the links below for more specific information and forms.

Applying for Cancellation

Based on the supplied documentation, the Student Services Loan Department will determine whether the borrower is entitled to have any portion of the loan deferred and cancelled.

Deferment and Cancellation Process

Step 1: A borrower must file a request for deferment for the expected year of employment. While on deferment, no interest will accrue on the loan and no payments will be required.

Step 2: Upon the completion of twelve consecutive months of full-time qualifying service, the borrower will file a request for cancellation for the previous year and a request for deferment for the following year. A Cancellation form must be submitted for each year of eligible employment until the loan is either fully cancelled or eligibility requirements are no longer being met. If the borrower changes jobs during the deferment period and is sure that the new position is eligible for loan cancellation, he or she must submit a cancellation form from both the previous and current employers at the end of the deferment.

Cancellation Rates

Cancellation is available for Perkins loans only. It will take five years for a Perkins loan to be cancelled in full. The following rates apply to most Cancellations:

  • 15% for the first and second years of qualifying service
  • 20% for the third and fourth years
  • 30% for the final year

Cancellation Rates — Partial Cancellation

Peace Corps volunteers may be eligible to cancel up to 70% of a Perkins loan at the rate of:

  • 15% for the first and second years of qualifying service
  • 20% for the third and fourth years

Those serving full-time active duty in the Armed Forces may be eligible to cancel up to 50% of a Perkins loan at a rate of 12.5% per year. The borrower must be serving in an area of hostility or imminent danger that qualifies for special pay under Section 310, Title 37 of the U.S. code.

Certification (Deferment and Cancellation Form Process)

The borrower must fully complete Part 1 of the form.

The borrower's employer must complete Part 2 of the form certifying that the employment information regarding the borrower's eligibility is correct. This is usually done in the human resources department of the qualifying institution/agency.

An official agency stamp or seal (not a notary or address stamp) is required for the deferment or cancellation form to be valid. If an official stamp or seal is unavailable, a letter on letterhead stationary providing the following information regarding the borrower is required:

For deferment:

  • Name and Social Security Number
  • Title and job description
  • Date of initial employment in that job
  • Verification that the borrower is employed full-time
In addition, for cancellation requests you must provide:
  • A statement that the borrower has completed the full year of full-time employment for the beginning and ending dates specified on the application form
  • The date the borrower's employment ceased, or a notice that the borrower will be continuing in their position for the next year

***Please note that a Boston College–specific cancellation form along with a job description must be received for each year of eligible cancellation. There are no exceptions.


Borrowers with Federal Loans who become totally and permanently disabled (TPD) may apply for cancellation of these loans. Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) is defined as the inability to work and earn money because of an impairment expected to continue indefinitely or result in death.

As of July 1, 2013, applications for Total and Permanent Disability discharge may be filed with Nelnet, the government servicer handling this review process. Access information regarding this process and begin the application process at You may request a TPD by phone at 888-303-7818 (available seven days a week 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST) or email


Contact a representative in Campus-Based Loans at 800-294-0294 or for more information.