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NSLDS/National Student Loan Clearinghouse

federal direct loans

National Student Loan Data Systems (NSLDS)

The NSLDS is a data warehouse established by the Department of Education. All U.S. colleges and universities are required to report enrollment data on a monthly basis. Lenders, guarantors, and loan servicers also report information about your Federal Direct, Perkins, and PLUS loans. If you are going on to another college or university, the NSLDS is where your lenders will get the information necessary to grant your student deferment. Log onto the NSLDS website with your FSA ID.

National Student Loan Clearinghouse

The National Student Clearinghouse maintains a comprehensive electronic registry of student records that provides a single, highly automated point of contact for organizations and individuals requiring timely, accurate verification of student enrollment, degree, and loan data.

Today, over 2,700 colleges, representing 91% of the nation's enrollment, participate in the Clearinghouse by providing regular student record updates on all of their currently enrolled students. Student loan providers, employers, student credit issuers, student health insurance providers, the Federal government, and others access the Clearinghouse's registry over 100 million times annually to conduct electronic student record verifications.