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Special Circumstances

Undergraduate Financial Aid

Our goal is to accurately review your family’s ability to contribute toward your educational costs and provide the most appropriate financial aid package based upon the information provided to our office. We make every effort to provide assistance to all students who qualify. Please be aware that all financial aid awards are need-based.

You may request a review of your financial aid package at any time due to a change in your family’s circumstances or in light of new information regarding unusual situations that your family may be facing. Information presented in your appeal should be either new information or information that has changed significantly from your initial application. Please complete all sections of the Financial Aid Appeal Form as completely and accurately as possible. If you have not yet submitted your federal tax returns to our office, please do so. Federal taxes are required for all appeal processing in order to make sure that your application is based on accurate numbers.

The Appeals Committee will review all Appeal Forms and supporting documentation. Appeals are reviewed within ten business days. Additional processing time may be needed if more information is required. If additional financial assistance is offered, the student will receive a revised Financial Aid Award Letter. If additional financial assistance is not offered, the parent(s) will receive communication via email or regular mail.

Special Circumstances do not include the following:

  • Student or parent(s) who does not wish to borrow to cover educational expenses
  • Parent(s) refusal to contribute to educational expenses
  • Parent(s) payment of student loans for older sibling
  • Expenses such as credit card debt, wedding expenses, sports, enrichment activities, etc.