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Cost of Attendance

The cost of attendance is the average cost of attending Boston College. It is based on whether you will be living on campus, off campus or commuting. The cost of attendance includes costs that will appear directly on your bill, such as tuition, fees and, if you are living on campus, room and board. It also includes allowances for indirect expenses that will not be on your Boston College bill, such as books, supplies, personal expenses, travel expenses and, if you will be living off campus, room and board.

Your cost of attendance will not match your bill because it includes these indirect costs that are not billed by Boston College. Students must plan ahead and be prepared to pay for books and/or off-campus living expenses until the funds have been disbursed.

Boston College's costs for the nine-month 2018–2019 academic year:


Tuition $5​4,600​ $5​4,600 $5​4,600
Fees $​1,429 $864 $3​44​ $3​44​
Room and board $14,478​ $1​5,136​ $11,100 $1,500
Books/misc. $2,85​0
Total (Rounded) $73,357​ $73,450​ $68,894 $​59,594

Please note: Student budgets can vary depending upon on- or off-campus residency. Students must notify the Office of Student Services in writing if their housing status changes. For more information, visit



If you would like a paper copy of this webpage, please contact the Office of Student Services' Communications team at or the Office of Student Services.