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Financial Aid Frequently Asked Questions

current undergraduate students

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1. I am a current undergraduate student at Boston College. How do I apply for aid and what are the deadlines? Do I need to apply every year?

Students who wish to be considered for financial aid must apply each year. To apply for financial aid as a Boston College student, there are several forms that must be completed:

  • All students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Current Undergraduates must complete the BC Financial Aid Application (in lieu of the CSS Profile)
  • All students and parents must submit their IRS tax returns, including all schedules and W-2 forms.
  • Additional forms may be required depending on your family situation

Current students should visit the Applying For Aid web page for a complete list of required forms and their submission deadlines.

2. How will my financial aid award be affected if I live off campus?

Based on extensive research done by Residential Life and Enrollment Management on local cost of living, it is less expensive to live off-campus then on campus. As a result, the amount of financial aid will decrease in the year the student spends off-campus. Financial aid can only be awarded for the 9-month academic year, so the summer months are the families responsibility. For additional information, please see our brochure, "Off-Campus Housing and Financial Aid."

3. How will my financial aid award be affected if I study abroad?

If you participate in a BC-sponsored international program, you will be considered for all need-based grants and loans as you would be considered for if you were enrolled at BC. If your study abroad program costs less than a BC semester, your financial aid must be based on this lower cost and your award may be adjusted. If your study abroad program costs more than a BC semester, you are eligible for financial aid up to the level that you would receive if you were at BC for that semester. It is your responsibility to cover any additional cost.

If you participate in an external (non-BC) or affiliate program, you will only be considered for need-based federal and state aid. Students studying through these programs are not eligible for BC grant funding or federal work study. A consortium agreement is needed from your external school.

For additional information, please see our brochure, “Study Abroad Programs and Financial Aid.”

4. I am interested in being a Resident Assistant (RA). How will this affect my financial aid?

If you are selected to be a RA, neither your Parent nor Student Contribution will be reduced. The value of your room plus the RA stipend will be considered as aid, and will be included in your financial aid award in the same manner as an outside scholarship. For additional information, please see our brochure, "R.A. Benefits and Financial Aid."