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Student Employment

Federal Work-Study

Federal Work-Study is a federally subsidized employment program that provides funding for students to help them meet college expenses. It provides students with job opportunities on or off campus, including community service. Federal Work-Study is awarded based on availability to students with federal eligibility. The amount is not deducted from the bill.

Actual earnings depend upon whether the recipient participates in the program, the hours worked, and the pay rate of the position as determined by the University. Federal Work-Study recipients receive first consideration for available on-campus positions. However, a Federal Work-Study award does not guarantee students an on-campus job. If a student works two jobs, whether on campus, off campus, and/or community service, both jobs will be paid with the Work-Study award.

To see available positions, visit

Campus Employment

Campus Employment is a separate option allowing students to hold part-time, on-campus jobs to help them meet college/living expenses. Students do not need to apply for federal financial aid to work through this program. Boston College provides on-campus opportunities in various University departments.

Students in either program may work no more than 20 hours per week while school is in session. When school is in recess between semesters and spring break, students may work up to 29 hours per week, if the job and funding permit.

In addition, Boston College has partnered with to provide information on off-campus, non-Federal Work-Study job listings available to enrolled Boston College students. For information about student employment, contact the Office of Student Services in Lyons Hall, or visit


Note: All information contained on this page is subject to change and final regulation by the Department of Education or Boston College.