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Outside Aid

Aid from employers, corporations, foundations, service organizations, religious groups, parent and school associations, and other organizations that sponsor educational assistance programs would be considered outside aid. We will include an estimate of the award on your award notification based on information received on your BC Financial Aid Application. Outside aid recipients are responsible for providing copies of award notices to this office and notifying us if their award will be different than the estimate. Deferment of payment is possible, provided we have received a copy of the award notification.

Your local library and the Internet are good resources to research outside aid sources. You may also visit for more information. In addition, ASA College Planning Center, located in the Boston Public Library, maintains information on a number of outside resources. This center can be reached at (617) 536-0200 or toll free at (877) 332-4348.

Note: If you receive funds from an outside source, an adjustment may be made to your award package to ensure that the total of all resources is within your Cost of Attendance.

All information contained on this page is subject to change and final regulation by the Department of Education or Boston College.