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Special Circumstances

Our goal is to accurately review your ability to contribute to your educational costs and ensure that Boston College has awarded you the best financial aid package available based on the information provided to our office. If you feel that an error was made in what has been reported, or if the student's circumstance has changed, aid awards can be reconsidered.

If you are requesting an increase to your Cost of Attendance due to rent or medical/dental expenses not covered by insurance, you will need to provide documentation of these expenses, along with copies of your lease and/or receipts to your Financial Aid Counselor along with a Letter of Appeal.

Any request for an appeal must be submitted in writing to your Financial Aid Counselor. A written response from your Financial Aid Associate can be expected within two weeks of the receipt of the appeal.


Note: All information contained on this page is subject to change and final regulation by the Department of Education or Boston College.