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Scholarship and Loan Disbursements

Outside sponsored scholarships, Federal loans, and alternative loans may be disbursed to BC by either paper check or electronically. When these funds are received, BC conducts a review of the student status to insure that the student is eligible to receive the funds. After this, review the student will receive notices if action is required by the student in order to meet eligibility requirements.

Any of the conditions listed below may prevent your scholarship or loan from crediting to your Student Account. If you have received a notice of outstanding requirements, please follow the instructions for each condition that is identified for your scholarship or loan.

Endorse Check

Go to the Office of Student Services, Lyons Hall 103 (phone: 617-552-3300), to endorse your check. Please note that all other requirements, including being registered at least half-time (normally for a minimum of 6 credits), must be completed prior to being allowed to endorse your check.

Register for Classes

Federal regulations require that you be registered at least half-time (normally a minimum of 6 credits) prior to receiving your loan proceeds. Please register for the appropriate number of credits to receive your funds. This may include Master's Interim Study or Doctoral Continuation, if applicable.

Mailed for Endorsement

Your check for this disbursement was mailed to you for your endorsement. Once you have received it, please endorse the check and return it to Office of Student Services in the envelope provided.