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Undergraduate Program

general management

Undergraduate Program Description

Students choose to concentrate in this area for many reasons, but it is especially attractive to those students who are preparing for the management of a family business or for those who want a broad management background as preparation for law school.

The Undergraduate Associate Dean coordinates the General Management concentration.

Concentration in General Management

Choose two areas and meet the criteria specified by the departments. Usually, this involves one required course and a choice of an elective.

Note: Students who have elected another concentration within the Carroll School of Management as well as the General Management concentration must select areas different from their other CSOM concentration as they pursue General Management.


Required Courses:

  • ACCT3301 Financial Accounting Standards and Theory I
  • ACCT3302 Financial Accounting Standards and Theory II


Required Course:

  • ACCT3307 Managerial Cost and Strategic Analysis

Plus one elective:

  • ACCT3351 Financial Statement Analysis
  • ACCT4405 Federal Taxation
  • ACCT6618 Accounting Information Systems
Information Systems

Required Course:

  • ISYS2157 Introduction to Programming in Management

Electives (choose one):

  • ISYS3257 Database Systems and Applications
  • ISYS4258 Systems Analysis and Design

Required Courses:

  • MFIN1127 Corporate Finance
  • MFIN1151 Investments

No Electives


Required Course:

  • MKTG2153 Marketing Research
  • MKTG4256 Applied Marketing Management

Electives (choose one):

  • MKTG2152 Consumer Behavior
  • MKTG3153 Retailing
  • MKTG3154 Communication and Promotion
  • MKTG3156 Digital Marketing
  • MKTG3157 Professional Selling and Sales Management
  • MKTG3158 Product Planning and Strategy
  • MKTG3161 Customer Relationship Management
  • MKTG3165 Strategic Brand Management
  • MKTG3170 Entrepreneurial Marketing in a Digital World
  • MKTG3174 Social Change Marketing
  • MKTG3177 Crafting/Publishing Behavioral Science
  • MKTG/ISYS3205 Tech Trek-West
  • MKTG/ISYS3253 E-Commerce
  • MKTG3258 Advanced Market Analysis
  • MKTG6610 Sports Marketing
  • MKTG/ISYS6620 Marketing Information Analytics
  • MKTG/ISYS6621 Social Media and Digital Business
  • MKTG/ISYS6635 New Media Industries
  • MKTG/ISYS6640 Analytics and Business Intelligence
Management and Organization

Required Course:

  • MGMT2127 Leadership


  • Choose one additional MGMT course other than MGMT1021, MGMT1031, MGMT3099, MGMT3100, or MGMT2127
Operations Management

Required Course:

  • OPER3375 Operations Strategy and Consulting


  • OPER2255 Managing Projects
  • OPER3304 Quality Management
  • OPER3310 Sports Analytics
  • OPER3332 Supply Chain Management
  • OPER3384 Predictive Analytics
  • OPER6604 Management Science
  • OPER6605 Risk Analysis and Simulation
  • OPER6606 Forecasting Techniques
  • OER6607 Machine Learning for Business Intelligence

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