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school of theology and ministry

John F. Baldovin, S.J., Professor of Historical and Liturgical Theology; A.B., M.Div., M.A., M.Phil., S.T.L., Ph.D. (Yale)

James T. Bretzke, S.J., Professor of Moral Theology; B.A., M.Div., S.T.M., S.T.L., S.T.D. (Gregorian)

Richard J. Clifford, S.J., Professor Emeritus of Old Testament and Professor Ordinarius, Ecclesiastical Faculty; A.B., M.A., S.T.L., Ph.D. (Harvard)

James J. Conn, S.J., Professor of the Practice of Canon Law and Professor Ordinarius, Ecclesiastical Faculty; B.A., M.A., M.Div., A.M., J.D., J.C.L., J.C.D. (Gregorian)

Colleen M. Griffith, Professor of the Practice of Theology; Faculty Director for Spirituality Studies; B.A., M.Ed., Th.D. (Harvard)

Thomas H. Groome, Professor of Theology and Religious Education; M.Div. (equiv.), M.A., Ed.D. (Union Theological Seminary/Columbia University Teachers College)

Mary Jo Iozzio, Professor of Moral Theology; B.A., M.A., Ph.D. (Fordham)

Richard Lennan, Professor of Systematic Theology and Professor Ordinarius, Ecclesiastical Faculty; B.A., S.T.B., M.Phil., Dr. Theol. (Innsbruck)

Thomas D. Stegman, S.J., Professor of New Testament; Professor Ordinarius, Ecclesiastical Faculty; Dean; B.A., M.A., M.Div., S.T.L., Ph.D, (Emory)

Joseph Weiss, S.J., Professor of the Practice of Liturgy; B.A., M.A., M.Div., Ph.D. (Notre Dame)

Francine Cardman, Associate Professor of Historical Theology and Church History; A.B., M.Phil., Ph.D. (Yale)

Andrew Davis, Associate Professor of Old Testament; B.A., M.T.S., M.A., Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins)

Dominic F. Doyle, Associate Professor of Systematic Theology; B.A., M.T.S., Ph.D. (Boston College)

Margaret Eletta Guider, O.S.F., Associate Professor of Missiology; A.B., M.Ed., M.A., S.T.L., Th.D. (Harvard)

Angela Kim Harkins, Associate Professor of New Testament; B.A., M.A., Ph.D. (Notre Dame)

Franklin Harkins, Associate Professor of Church History; B.S., M.Div., L.M.S., Ph.D. (Notre Dame)

Melissa M. Kelley, Associate Professor of Pastoral Care and Contextual Education; B.A., M.A., Ph.D. (Boston University)

Catherine M. Mooney, Associate Professor of Church History; A.B., M.T.S., M.Phil., M.A., Ph.D. (Yale)

Theresa A. O’Keefe, Associate Professor of the Practice of Youth and Young Adult Faith and Faculty Co-Director of Contextual Education; B.A., M.Ed., Ph.D. (Boston College)

Hosffman Ospino, Associate Professor of Hispanic Ministry and Religious Education; B.A. (Equiv.), M.A., Ph.D. (Boston College)

Nancy Pineda-Madrid, Associate Professor of Theology and Latino/Latina Ministry; B.A., M.Div., Ph.D. (Graduate Theological Union)

Jane E. Regan, Associate Professor of Theology and Religious Education; B.A., M.A., Ph.D. (The Catholic University of America)

O. Ernesto Valiente, Associate Professor of Systematic Theology; B.A., M.A., M.Phil., M.Div., Th.M., Ph.D. (Notre Dame)

Andrea Vicini, S.J., Associate Professor of Moral Theology; B.Phil., B.Th., M.D., S.T.L., S.T.D., Ph.D. (Boston College)

Andre Brouillette, S.J., Assistant Professor of Theology; B.Ph., M.A., M.Div., S.T.L., D.Th. (Institut Catholique de Paris)

Brian Dunkle, S.J., Assistant Professor of Historical Theology; A.B., M.S., M.A., S.T.B., S.T.L., Ph.D. (Notre Dame)

Barton Geger, S.J., Assistant Professor of the Practice in Ignatian Studies; M.A., M.Th., S.T.L., S.T.D., (Universitdad Pontifica Comillas)

Matthew Monnig, S.J., Assistant Professor of New Testament; B.S., M.A., M.Div./S.T.B., S.T.L., S.S.T., Ph.D. (Duke University)

William Roozeboom, Assistant Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling; B.A., M.Div., Ph.D. (Brite Divinity School: Texas Christian University)

Michael Simone, S.J., Assistant Professor of Old Testament; B.A., M.A., M.Div., S.T.L., Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins University)


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