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Hugh J. Ault, Professor Emeritus; A.B., LL.B., Harvard University

Charles H. Baron, Professor Emeritus; A.B., Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania; LL.B., Harvard University

Arthur L. Berney, Professor Emeritus; A.B., LL.B., University of Virginia

John M. Flackett, Professor Emeritus; LL.B., University of Birmingham, England; LL.B., St. John’s College, Cambridge University; LL.M., University of Pennsylvania

Jane K. Gionfriddo, Professor Emerita; B.A., Wesleyan University; J.D., Boston University

Ruth-Arlene Howe, Professor Emerita; A.B., Wellesley College; M.S.W., Simmons College; J.D., Boston College

Sanford N. Katz, Darald and Juliet Libby Professor Emeritus; A.B., Boston University; J.D., University of Chicago; Sterling Fellow

Cynthia C. Lichtenstein, Professor Emerita; A.B., Radcliffe College; J.D., Yale University; M.C.L., University of Chicago

Sharon Hamby O’Connor, Professor Emerita; A.B., Southern Methodist University; M.S.L.S., Columbia University; J.D., Harvard University; M.E.S., Yale University

James S. Rogers, Professor Emeritus; A.B., University of Pennsylvania; J.D., Harvard University

Filippa Marullo Anzalone, Professor; Associate Dean for Library and Technology Services; A.B., Smith College; M.S.L.S., Simmons College Graduate School of Library and Information Science; J.D., Suffolk University Law School

Mary S. Bilder, Professor; B.A., University of Wisconsin at Madison; A.M., J.D., Ph.D., Harvard University

Robert M. Bloom, Professor; B.S., Northeastern University; J.D., Boston College

Mark S. Brodin, Professor; B.A., J.D., Columbia University

George D. Brown, Robert Drinan, S.J. Professor; A.B., J.D., Harvard University

R. Michael Cassidy, Professor; B.A., University of Notre Dame; J.D., Harvard University

Mary Ann Chirba, Professor of Legal Reasoning, Research, and Writing; A.B., Colgate University; J.D., Boston College; Sc.D., M.P.H., Harvard School of Public Health

Daniel R. Coquillette, Professor; J. Donald Monan, S.J., University Professor; A.B., Williams College; M.A., Oxford University; J.D., Harvard University

Scott T. FitzGibbon, Professor; A.B., Antioch College; J.D., Harvard University; B.C.L., Oxford University

Frank J. Garcia, Professor; A.B., Reed College; J.D., University of Michigan

H. Kent Greenfield, Professor; A.B., Brown University; J.D., University of Chicago

Ingrid Michelsen Hillinger, Professor; A.B., Barnard College; J.D., College of William and Mary

Renee M. Jones, Professor; Associate Dean of Academics; A.B., Princeton University; J.D., Harvard University

Daniel Kanstroom, Professor; Director, Rappaport Center for Law and Public Policy and Associate Director of the Boston College Center for Human Rights and International Justice; B.A., State University of New York at Binghamton; J.D., Northeastern University; LL.M., Harvard University

Cathleen Kaveny, Darald and Juliet Libby Professor; A.B., Princeton University; M.A., M. Phil, J.D., Ph.D., Yale University

Thomas C. Kohler, Professor; B.A., Michigan State University; J.D., Wayne State University; LL.M., Yale University

Joseph P. Liu, Professor; B.A., Yale University; J.D., Columbia University; L.L.M., Harvard University

Ray D. Madoff, Professor; A.B., Brown University; J.D., LL.M., New York University

Patricia McCoy, Liberty Mutual Insurance Professor; B.A., Oberlin College; J.D., University of California at Berkeley

Judith A. McMorrow, Professor; Associate Dean for Experiential Learning; B.A., B.S., Nazareth College; J.D., University of Notre Dame

Shu-Yi Oei, Professor; A.B., Brown University; M.A., J.D., Harvard University

Vlad Perju, Professor; Director, Clough Center for the Study of Constitutional Democracy; LL.B., University of Bucharest; S.J.D., LL.M. Program, Harvard University; LL.M., European Academy of Legal Theory; Maitrise, University of Paris (Sorbonne)

Zygmunt J. B. Plater, Professor; A.B., Princeton University; J.D., Yale University; LL.M., S.J.D., University of Michigan

James R. Repetti, William J. Kenealy, S.J., Professor; A.B., Harvard University; M.B.A., J.D., Boston College

Diane M. Ring, Professor; Associate Dean of Faculty; A.B., J.D., Harvard University

Vincent D. Rougeau, Professor; Dean; A.B., Brown University; J.D., Harvard University

Mark R. Spiegel, Professor; A.B., University of Michigan; J.D., University of Chicago

Catharine Wells, Professor; A.B., Wellesley College; M.A., Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley; J.D., Harvard University

David A. Wirth, Professor; A.B., Princeton University; A.M., Harvard University; J.D., Yale University

Alfred C. Yen, Professor; B.S., M.S., Stanford University; J.D., Harvard University

Paulo Barrozo, Associate Professor; LL.B., Rio de Janeiro (UREJ); M. Jur., Rio de Janeiro (PUC); Ph.D., Rio de Janeiro (IUPERJ); LL.M., S.J.D., Harvard Law School

E. Joan Blum, Associate Professor of Legal Reasoning, Research, and Writing; A.B., Harvard College; J.D., Columbia Law School

Dean M. Hashimoto, Associate Professor; A.B., Stanford University; M.S., University of California at Berkeley; M.O.H., Harvard University; M.D., University of California at San Francisco; J.D., Yale University

Frank R. Herrmann, S.J., Associate Professor; A.B., Fordham University; M.Div., Woodstock College; J.D., Boston College

Gregory A. Kalscheur, S.J., Associate Professor; Dean, Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences and Graduate School of the Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences; B.A., Georgetown; J.D., University of Michigan; M.Div., S.T.L., Weston Jesuit School of Theology; LL.M., Columbia University

Elisabeth Keller, Associate Professor of Legal Reasoning, Research, and Writing; B.A., Brandeis University; M.A., J.D., Ohio State University

Daniel Lyons, Associate Professor; A.B., Harvard College; J.D., Harvard Law School

David Olson, Associate Professor; B.A., University of Kansas; J.D., Harvard University

Brian J.M. Quinn, Associate Professor; B.S.F.S., Georgetown University; M.P.P., Harvard University; J.D., M.L.S., Stanford University

Katharine G. Young, Associate Professor; B.A., LL.B., Melbourne University; S.J.D., LL.M., Harvard University

Cheryl Bratt, Assistant Professor of Legal Reasoning, Research, and Writing; B.A., J.D., University of Michigan

Jeffrey Cohen, Assistant Professor of Legal Reasoning, Research, and Writing; B.A., University of Michigan; M. St., Univerity of Oxford; J.D., Stanford University

Daniel Farbman, Assistant Professor; B.A., Amherst College; J.D., Harvard Law School

Hiba Hafiz, Assistant Professor; B.A., Wellesley College; M.A., Columbia University; M. Phil., Ph.D, Yale University; J.D., Columbia University

Kari E. Hong, Assistant Professor; B.A., Swarthmore College; J.D., Columbia University

Natalya Shnitser, David and Pamela Donohue Assistant Professor in Business Law; B.A., M.A., Stanford University; J.D., Yale University

Mary Ann Van Neste, Assistant Professor of Legal Reasoning, Research, and Writing; B.A., M.P.A., Syracuse University; J.D., Georgetown Law School

Ryan Williams, Assistant Professor; B.A. University of Kansas; J.D., Columbia Law School

Francine T. Sherman, Clinical Professor; Director, Juvenile Rights Advocacy Project; B.A., University of Missouri; J.D., Boston College

Paul Tremblay, Clinical Professor; B.A., Boston College; J.D., University of California at Los Angeles

Alexis Anderson, Clinical Associate Professor; B.A., Wake Forest; J.D., University of Virginia

Sharon Beckman, Clinical Associate Professor; B.A., Harvard College; J.D., University of Michigan Law School

Mary Holper, Clinical Associate Professor; Director, Immigration Clinic; B.A., University of Illinois; J.D., Boston College

Alan Minuskin, Clinical Associate Professor; A.B., University of Miami; J.D., New England School of Law

Lynnise E. Pantin, Clinical Associate Professor; B.A., Pomona College; J.D., Columbia University

Evangeline Sarda, Clinical Associate Professor; A.B., Yale University; J.D., Columbia University

Claire Donohue, Clinical Assistant Professor; B.S., Cornell University; M.S.W., Boston College; J.D., Boston College; LL.M., George Washington University


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