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Undergraduate Students Course Registration

frequently asked questions

Selecting Courses

Q: Where do I find the list of courses that are offered for the semester?
A: You can search the Course Information and Schedule.

Q: How do I register?
A: Students register using:

  • U-View using the University's Information Systems (UIS)

Q: What do I need to access the registration system?
A: You will need the following:

  1. Username or Eagle Number
  2. Password
  3. Access code
  4. Degree audits and advisors

Q: What is a degree audit?
A: Degree audits are available for undergraduate students in Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences (MCAS), Carroll School of Management (CSOM), Connell School of Nursing (CSON), Lynch School of Education and Human Development (LSOE), and the Law School. A degree audit is a computer-generated analysis that enables you and your advisor to review your academic progress and unfulfilled requirements. The degree audit is a valuable tool for academic planning because it matches the courses that you have taken with the requirements of your degree program. You should carefully review your degree audit in consultation with your advisor. Through, you can request a degree audit or a simulated degree audit (which shows the requirements for different schools, majors, and minors) to be downloaded to your computer, emailed to you, or available for pickup in Lyons Hall. You may request a degree audit at any time.

Q: How do I read my degree audit?
A: Degree requirements are printed on the left side of the degree audit. Courses completed successfully and courses in progress are printed beside the requirement on the right side of the audit. A requirement is marked complete (***) upon receipt of a satisfactory grade. The requirement is not marked complete if the course is in progress (IP) or if the course is a year-long course that is graded at the end of the second semester (J).

The Language Proficiency Requirement for MCAS and CSOM is marked complete after the student has either received a satisfactory score on the SAT II's or has completed at least the second semester of an intermediate level course. All other language courses leading up to the fulfillment of the requirement are listed as electives. For complete information, visit

Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences students must complete at least 120 credits to earn the bachelor’s degree.

Lynch School of Education and Human Development students who are elementary or secondary education majors must successfully complete 120 credits which must include the core curriculum, the education major, and an appropriate second major. Students who are Applied Psychology and Human Development majors must also successfully complete 120 credits which must include the core curriculum, the Applied Psychology and Human Development major, and at least one Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences minor.

All Carroll School of Management students must complete at least 120 credits to earn the bachelor's degree.

Students entering the Connell School of Nursing will be required to earn a minimum 117 credits for graduation.

Labs, withdrawals (W's), failed courses (F's), and advanced placement credits (AP) are printed at the bottom of the form in the section marked Labs and other courses not counting toward the 120 credits (MCAS, LSOE, CSOM) or 117 credits (CSON) required for the degree.

Elective courses are printed at the bottom of the degree audit in the section marked Courses counting toward degree not matched to above requirements. Some courses can be reused to fulfill both Core and major or minor requirements, but count only once in the degree summary tally at the end of the report.

Q: How do I get my degree audit with the registration information?
A: During the advising/registration period, students receive registration/degree audit forms from their faculty advisors. 

MCAS, LSOE, and CSON students should contact their academic advisors for academic advising and registration materials. CSOM seniors should pick up their registration materials at the departments of their first concentrations. CSOM sophomores and juniors should contact their academic advisors. CSOM freshmen will receive their registration materials from their Portico professors.

Q: What if I have a registration hold?
A: If you have an outstanding balance on your student account or have failed to submit proof of immunization to the Health Services Office, a hold will be placed on your registration. If a registration hold message appears at the bottom of your Registration Information/Degree Audit Form, you must see the appropriate office (Outstanding Balance-Student Services, Immunization-Health Services) to resolve the situation before you can register.

Q: What should I do to have a course count towards a requirement on my degree audit when it is not being counted correctly?
A: If it is a course that normally counts toward the specific requirement, it may not be counting due to an error in the system, in which case you should contact the registrar's office (MCAS — Terry Lepore; CSOM, CSON, and LSOE — Mary French) in Lyons Hall. If it is a course that does not usually fulfill the requirement that you would like it to count for, pick up a Degree Course Waiver and Substitution Form from Student Services, take it to the appropriate department; and bring the signed form to Lyons Hall. For example, the department may approve an upper level course to fulfill a Core requirement or a course transferred from another institution may be approved to fulfill a specific major requirement.

Q: How do I find information about my advisor?
A: Your advisor's information is available through your Once you are logged on, choose "MyServices," "Account and Personal Info," and then "Academic Advisor." Academic advisors are available to MCAS students throughout their entire BC career, including both semesters of senior year.

Q: How do I register for my classes?
A: Undergraduates will need their password and a 4-digit access code to register. Access codes and registration appointment times are printed on the “Registration Information/Degree Audit” form, which students will receive from their advisors.

Appointments are scheduled from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. and are based on class year. Every attempt is made to avoid conflicts with current term classes. You may not register before your appointment time, but you may register anytime thereafter. When you have finished registering, print out a copy of your courses for your records. If the information on your degree audit is not accurate, contact your Academic Recorder. Names, telephone numbers, and email addresses are listed on the Registration Information/Degree Audit form.

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Closed, Restricted, and Woods College of Advancing Studies Courses

Q: How can I gain access to a course that requires permission or is closed or restricted?
A: Students may go to the department that offers the course. The department will do one of the following: decline permission, add the course to your schedule at that time, or provide you with a stamped override form that you should bring to Student Services, where the staff will add the course to your schedule.

Q: Can a day undergraduate student register for a Woods College (WCAS) course?
A: WCAS designates a limited number of courses that are available to full-time undergraduate day students. All full-time undergraduate students are limited to one WCAS course each semester. Freshmen may not enroll in any WCAS courses.

WCAS courses can be used to fulfill elective requirements. Students must check with the appropriate department if they intend to use a WCAS course to fulfill a Core or major requirement. There are a limited number of seats in each course, and they are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. Check with the WCAS office, St. Mary's Hall, ground floor for more information.

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For information regarding pass/fail, visit the Pass/Fail page under University: Policies and Procedures.

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For information regarding overloads, visit the Overloads page under University: Policies and Procedures.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Q: Where can I find information on Satisfactory Academic Progress for my school?
A: You may find information on Satisfactory Academic Progress for each school at the following links:

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Q: How do I withdraw from a course or from the University?
A: To withdraw from a course, students must go to the Forms page on the Office of Student Services website (, print the withdrawal form, and then go to the Office of the Associate Dean for their school. Students will not be permitted to withdraw from courses after the published deadline. Students who are still registered at this point will receive a final grade for the semester.
Undergraduates may drop or add a course(s) online during the first seven class-days of the semester. Undergraduates only may drop a course, including a sixth course, until October 1 in the fall semester and February 15 in the spring semester in their Associate Dean’s office. After the extended drop period, undergraduates who withdraw from a course will have a “W” recorded in the grade column of their academic record.
The last date to withdraw from a spring course with a "W" or to withdraw from the University is April 16, 2019.

The last date to withdraw from a fall course with a "W" or to withdraw from the University is December 2, 2019.

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Problems you may encounter when registering:

Invalid Password (Unable to sign-in to the UIS system.)
Check to make sure that you correctly inputted your username and password or pin. If you are still having difficulties, contact the Office of Student Services at 617-552-3300.

Wrong Course Number
Check to make sure you are inputting the correct course number: either the 4-digit index number or the subject code and four-digit course number with the two-digit section number. Check Course Information and Schedule through for course numbers.

Time Conflict Message
Check Course Information and Schedule or the open course list in UIS. If there is still a problem, there may have been a time change. The information on the system is correct, since it is the most up-to-date.

Course Restricted to Major or School
You must get the appropriate department or school approval to be allowed to override these restrictions.

Course Closed or Requires Department Permission
If a course is closed, please try again later to register for the course.

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