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Grading Procedures

Office of Student Services

Course Grading Instructions

The Course Grading transaction is available online through My Services seven days a week from 8:00 a.m. until midnight.

  • Log in at Your username should be entered in lower case. Your password is case sensitive.
  • Your Eagle Number, the first eight digits in the upper left-hand corner of your Eagle One Card, is an acceptable substitute for your username. If you cannot remember your password, call the Help Center at extension 2-4357 or bring a picture ID to the Campus Technology Resource Center (CTRC), O'Neill 316.

Under the “Academics and Courses” area, select the "Course Grading" link. Your semester courses will be displayed. If the Course Grading option is not available or if some of your courses are missing, contact the Office of Student Services grading help line at extension 2-4979.

  • The following courses are not graded and will not appear on your grading summary: Doctoral Continuation, Doctoral Comprehensives, Dissertation Workshop, Thesis Direction, and Methods in Advanced Research.

Click on the course number link to begin grading. The course list will display grading options for each student. Click on the appropriate grade. Refer to “Grading Options” when assigning grades for graduate students.

Be sure to review your grades carefully before entering your password and posting since students will be able to view their grades as soon as they are posted.

Click the post and continue button if you would like to post some, but not all, of your grades. Faculty are advised to post no more than 50 grades at one time and to save often to avoid losing previously entered grades. You will be able to return to your grade sheet to post the rest of your grades without losing your place.

When you have finished grading, enter your My Services password at the bottom of the screen and then click “Submit Grades.” You will see a message saying that the course has been updated and the status line will change. You may now click on another course or go back to the last course to review your grades.

You must submit a grade for each student who completed your course.

  • If a student is still in the process of completing work for the course, assign an “I” (incomplete) grade.
  • If a student never attended or stopped attending your course, note this in “Course Comments.” Include the student's name, Eagle ID number, and approximate final date of attendance.
  • If you have a grade for a student who is not listed on your grade sheet, then include it in “Course Comments.” If the student is registered, Student Services will post the grade and send you an email confirmation.

To review and/or print a copy of your grades, click on the course link from the course browse screen and select “print” from the file menu.

Please submit all grades by the “Grades Due” date listed under the course title. If there is an extenuating circumstance that prevents you from entering the grades on time, please submit at least the grades for graduating students (highlighted in gold) by the grading deadline. You may then return to that grade sheet to submit the rest of the grades as soon as possible

If all the grades have been posted, the course will be highlighted in gold, and the status line will say “Completed.” If you have submitted some, but not all of your grades, the status line will say “Partial.”

After the grading period, students with missing grades will be given an F (administrative failure). You will be notified, but no action is required on your part unless you wish to give the student a grade.

To review and/or print a copy of your grades, click on the course link from the course browse screen and select “print” from the file menu.



Currently, you cannot submit your grades officially through Canvas.


Grading Options

C+, C-, D+, D, and D- grades are valid in all the undergraduate schools but are not valid in any of the graduate schools.

A+ is not a valid grade in any school.

J is used for a deferred grade, e.g., a course that concludes during or at the end of the next semester. Once the course concludes, you must use the Course Grading Changes process to change the previous semester’s J grades to the appropriate letter grades.

The P (passing) grade is not available as a grading option unless the course is listed as a pass/fail course or the student has selected the pass/fail option and received authorization.


Incomplete Grades

An “I” (incomplete) grade can be assigned when a student has not submitted all coursework by the grading deadline. Once the coursework has been submitted, the “I” grade must be updated through the Course Grading Changes process. Each term, all remaining “I” grades are automatically changed to F (administrative failure) on the dates listed below:

Spring August 1
Fall March 1
Summer October 1

Course Grading Changing Instructions

To change a grade, log in at and select the "Course Grading Changes" link from the “Academics and Courses” area.                          

On the "Summary of Courses" page, a list of your courses from the four most recent semesters (including summer) will be displayed. Select the appropriate course number and semester.

The "Change Grade Sheet" screen will appear with the title and number of the course and the list of students with their current grades. Select the student whose grade you want to change.

  • You may only change one grade at a time.
  • If you are entering a grade for the first time (the grade is missing/blank), you must enter the grade through the "Course Grading" transaction.

The "Update Grade for a Student" screen will list the name, Eagle ID number, graduation term, and current grade for the student.

  • Select the grade you would like to apply.
  • Choose a "Reason" (Late Final, Computational Error, Course Extensions, and Other) from the pull down menu.
  • Enter your password and click "Submit Grade."

If no approvals are needed, the message "[Student's name] has been successfully updated" will appear. An aggregate report of all grade changes will be available to the Associate Deans.

If the grade change requires approval, the message, "Grade Change for [student's name] is waiting for Assoc Dean's Approval" will display.

Select the "Back to Summary of Courses" link to return to that grade sheet to change another student's grade or to select another course.


Grade Change—Late Grade Form

To change a grade for a course prior to the four most recent semesters (including summer), you will need to go your dean's office and request a Grade Change-Late Grade Form. Complete the form and return it to your dean's office for approval.


Grade Availability to Students

As soon as grades are posted, students who have completed their course evaluations can access grades through the Course History link in at Once the grading period has ended, all students can view their grades on the Course History page. Students can also access their grades at any time by requesting a transcript (more information available at


Staff Contacts

Kathy McGuinness, X 2-4976
Exam Questions, Terry Riordan, X 2-3304


Compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

To ensure compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, do not post exam or final grades outside your office. Grades are confidential and should only be released to the student. Refer all other questions to the Office of Student Services or to the student's academic dean.