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Confidentiality Information

Boston College understands that confidentiality is one of your primary concerns when you complete an online course evaluation. Be assured that your identity and survey answers are completely protected. BC's online evaluation system at eCollege does not track any information that would identify you or your evaluation responses. The online course evaluation system uses current technology security measures to ensure the security of the data, the anonymity of the participants, and the confidentiality of the results. In terms of security, for example, you enter the online course evaluation through, which is a secure, password-protected environment.

You may wonder why you receive an email if you don't complete your evaluations, or why your instructor reminds the class that all the evaluations for the course have not been completed.

The eCollege system records each instance of a completed survey for a given course/instructor, so that a student can only complete an evaluation for a particular course once. At the time the survey completion is marked in the system, the information that identifies the student submitting responses is disassociated from the data. This allows the system to recognize that students have completed the evaluation process without linking their identities, including names, schools, or majors with the actual responses.