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Nicaragua Teams

Volunteer and Service Learning Center

2017 Team

Lisa Berasi: Office of Student Affairs
Vincent Cho: Lynch School of Education
Brian Gareau: Sociology Department
Andrzej Herczynski: Physics Department
*Burt Howell: Intersections
Mary Jo Iozzio: School of Theology and Ministry
Yvonne  Jenkins: University Counseling
Maureen Kenny: Lynch School of Education
Fang Lu: Slavic & Eastern Languages & Literatures
Yvonne  McBarnett: Montserrat Coalition
Rosemary Panza: Lynch School of Education
*Daniel Ponsetto: Volunteer and Service Learning Center
Michael Serazio: Communication Department
Marc Snapper: Chemistry Department

*Trip leaders

2016 Team

Patty Birch: Field Education Specialist, School of Social Work
Andrew Davis: Assistant Professor, School of Theology & Ministry
Rachel DiBella: Assistant Director, Women's Center
Eileen Donovan-Kranz: Associate Professor of the Practice, English Department
Nicole Eaton: Assistant Professor, History Department
Burt Howell: Director, Intersections
Dan Kirschner: Professor, Biology Department
Becca Lowenhaupt: Assistant Professor, Lynch School of Education
Kevin Mahoney: Professor, School of Social Work
Michael Martin: Chairperson, Arts and Sciences Honors Program
Robert Maryks: Associate Director, Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies
Ines Maturana Sendoya: Director, Thea Bowman AHANA & Intercultural Center
Dan Ponsetto: Director, Volunteer and Service Learning Center
Patricia Riggin: Assistant Professor of the Practice, Theater Department
Rob Savage: Associate Professor of the Practice, History Department
Franziska Seraphim: Associate Professor, History Department
Samantha Teixeira: Assistant Professor, School of Social Work
Josephine Xiong: Assistant Director, Carroll School of Management

Group of faculty and staff on Nicaragua Immersion Trip

2015 Team

Nasser Behnegar: Associate Professor, Political Science Department
John Boylan: Director, NMR Center, Chemistry Department
Rossanna Contreras-Godfrey: Associate Director, Learning to Learn
Katie Dalton: Director, Women's Center
Doug Finn: Assistant Professor, Theology Department
Rhonda Frederick: Associate Professor, English Department
Burt Howell: Director, Intersections
Regine Jean-Charles: Assistant Professor, Romance Languages & Literatures
John McDargh: Associate Professor, Theology Department
Kim Ngo: Senior HR Assistant, Human Resources
Kristen Patterson: Senior Associate Director, Office of Marketing Communications
Dan Ponsetto: Director, Volunteer and Service Learning Center
Cathy Read: Associate Professor, Connell School of Nursing
Franck Salameh: Associate Professor, Slavic/Eastern Languages
Michael Smith: Lecturer, Carroll School of Management
Melissa Sutherland: Assistant Professor, Connell School of Nursing

2014 faculty and staff in Nicaragua

2014 Team


Filippa Anzalone: Associate Dean, Law Library 
Karen Colantuoni: Lead Catering Staff, Dining Services 
John Ebel: Professor, Earth and Environmental Sciences 
Jonathan Estwing: Technology Manager, Residential Life 
Susan Gennaro: Dean, School of Nursing
Burt Howell: Director, Intersections
Jeanne Levesque: Director, Governmental Relations
Ourida Mostefai: Professor, Romance Languages & Literature
Erik Owens: Associate Professor, Theology 
Daniel Ponsetto: Director, Volunteer and Service Learning Center
Barbara Quinn: Associate Director, Spiritual Formation
Tracy Regan: Associate Professor, Economics 
Ce Shen: Associate Professor, Global Practice
Mark Spiegel: Professor, Law School
Celeste Wells: Assistant Professor, Communications 


2013 faculty and staff in Nicaragua

2013 Team

Bartomeu Estelrich Barcelo:
Assistant Director, Special Projects, Intersections
Monetta Edwards: Program and Events Administrator, Center for Centers
William Fehder: Clinical Associate Professor, Adult Health Nursing, CSON
Burt Howell: Director, Intersections
Amy LaCombe: Senior Lecturer, CSOM
Micah Lott: Assistant Professor, Philosophy
Shawn McGuffey: Associate Professor, Sociology
Enzo Gustavo Morello: Associate Professor, Sociology
Kelly Rossetto: Assistant Professor, Communications
Daniel Ponsetto: Director, Volunteer and Service Learning Center
Stephen Pope: Professor, Theology
David Twomey: Professor, Business Law, CSOM
Christopher Wilson: Professor, English
Jean Yoder: Associate Director, Student Programs Office
Cynthia Young: Associate Professor, English


2012 faculty and staff in Nicaragua

2012 Team


Sarah Beckford: Associate Professor, Romance Languages & Literature Department
Ingrid Calder: Administrative Assistant, Academic Advising Center
Curt Dudley-Marling: Professor, LSOE, Teacher Education
Deborah Grondin: Boston College Police Department
Gina Harvey: Director, Space Planning, IRPA
Marilynn Johnson: Professor, History Department
Gail Kineke: Associate Professor, Chairperson, Earth & Environmental Sciences
Zine Magubane: Associate Professor, Sociology Department
Suzanne Matson: Professor, Chairperson, English Department
Richard Paul: Program Specialist, African & African Diaspora Studies Program
Martin Summers: Associate Professor, History Department
Tracey West: Assistant Dean for Students, Law School

2011 faculty and staff in Nicaragua

2011 Team


Elizabeth Bagnani: Faculty, Accounting Department
R. Michael Cassidy: Faculty, Law School
Dacia Gentilella: Learning Skills Specialist, Learning to Learn
Burton Howell: Director, Intersections Project
Michael Keith: Faculty, Communications Department
Laura O’Dwyer: Faculty, LSOE
Darrell Peterson: Director, Graduate Student Life
Daniel Ponsetto: Director, Volunteer & Service Learning Center
Timothy Rice: Senior Functions Coordinator, Bureau of Conferences
Jessica Salefski: Program/Communication Specialist, STM


2010 Team

Angela Amar: Faculty, Psych/Mental Health Nursing, CSON
Karl Bell: Assistant Dean, Student Programs Office
Penny Cram: Faculty, Counseling/Dev/Psych, LSOE
Jane Crowley: Senior Assistant Director, Office of Undergraduate Admissions
Solomon Friedberg: Faculty, Mathematics, A&S
Elizabeth Graver: Faculty, English, A&S
Sheilah Horton: Associate VP, Dean for Student Development, ODSD
Edilma Hosein: Administrative Assistant, Office for Institutional Diversity
Burton Howell: Director, Intersections Project
Michael Kelly: Faculty, Philosophy, A&S
Susan Mattis: Faculty, A&S Honors Program
Zachary Morgan: Faculty, History, A&S
Marina McCoy: Faculty, Philosophy, A&S
Anthony Penna: Director, Campus Ministry
Daniel Ponsetto: Director, Volunteer & Service Learning Center

Faculty and staff in Nicaragua in 2009

2009 Team

Catherine Cornille:
Faculty, Theology, A&S
Paulette Durrett: Assistant Dean, Office of Student Development
Sheila Gallagher: Faculty, Fine Arts, A&S
Sidney Holloway: Associate Director, Institutional Diversity
Burton Howell: Director, Intersections Project
Joana Maynard: Assistant Director, AHANA Student Programs
Sheila McMahon: Director, Women's Resource Center
Karen Miller: Faculty, History, A&S
Clare O'Connor: Faculty, Biology, A&S
Rita Owens: Executive Director, Academic Technology, Office of the Provost
Joseph Pedulla: Faculty, LSOE
Dan Ponsetto: Director, Volunteer & Service Learning Center
Ricco Siasoco: Faculty Consultant, Learning to Learn, Faculty, English, A&S


faculty and staff in Nicaragua in 2008

2008 Team

Sharon Blumenstock:
Weekend Programming Administrator, Office of Student Development
Dan Bunch: Director, Learning to Learn
Joe Burns: Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academics, Office of the Provost
Ashley Duggan: Faculty, Communications, A&S
Jeanine Foley-Kass: Faculty, CSON
Richard Jefferson: Executive Director, Institutional Diversity
Carole Hughes: Executive Director, Office of Student Affairs
Margaret Lombe: Faculty, GSSW
Dan Ponsetto: Director, Volunteer & Service Learning Center
Ray Rivera: Director of Business Affairs, Office of the President
Tom Rourke: Grounds, Maintenance Department
Akua Sarr: Associate Dean, A&S
Fred Winslow: Lieutenant, BCPD


No team traveled in 2007


faculty and staff in Nicaragua in 2006

2006 Team


George Arey: Associate Director, Residential Life
Jen Bader: Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, School of Theology & Ministry
Kate Daly: Assistant Director, Volunteer & Service Learning Center
Maureen Eldredge: Undergraduate Program Asst., CSON
Donald Hafner: Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs, Faculty, Political Science, A&S
Katie Heather: Resident Director, Residential Life
Christine Hoage: Manager of Finance, TIMSS & PIRLS International Study Center
Dan Leahy: Alumni Association
Thomas Nary: Director, Health Services
Connie O'Connor: Nurse Practitioner, Health Services
Natalia Sarkisian: Faculty, Sociology, A&S
Elizabeth Wallace: Faculty, English, A&S


faculty and staff in Nicaragua in 2005

2005 Team


Robert Bloom: Faculty, Law School
Maria Dichiappari: Director, BC Neighborhood Center
Carole Flynn: Recruiting Program Assistant, Career Center
Eva Garroutte: Faculty, Sociology, A&S
Marta Geletkanycz: Faculty, CSOM
Lisa Hastings: Executive Director of Development, LSOE & STM
Dan Leahy: Alumni Association
Mark O'Connor: Faculty, A&S Director, A&S Honors Program
Joyce Pulcini: Faculty, CSON
Joseph Quinn:  Faculty, CSOM
Arnie Shore: Associate Vice Provost for Research Graduate School A&S
Ted Williams: Custodial Supervisor, Custodial Department
Robin Wood: Professor, CSON


2004 Team

Nancy Baker: Associate Director, Health Services
Thomas Connelly: Faculty, CSON
Rosanna DeMarco: Faculty, CSON
Frank Garcia: Faculty, Law School
Kimberly Garcia: Faculty, English, A&S
Yolanda Hobin: Nurse Practitioner, Health Services
Ronna Krozy: Faculty, CSON
Margaret Laurence: Development
Daniel Leahy: Alumni Association
Liz Mackenzie: Volunteer & Service Learning Center
Ellen Mahoney: Faculty, CSON
Justin Price: Residential Life
Barbara Viechnicki: Associate Dean, Finance & Administration, A&S
John Williamson: Faculty, Sociology, A&S


2003 Team


Karen Arnold: Faculty, LSOE
Brian Braman: Faculty, Philosophy, A&S
Ted Gaiser: Faculty, Sociology, A&S
Chadi Kawkabani: General Merchandise Manager, BC Bookstore
Paul Kline: Faculty, GSSW
Dan Leahy: Alumni Association
Michael Malec: Faculty, Sociology, A&S
Patrick McQuillan: Faculty, LSOE
Eve Spangler: Faculty, Sociology, A&S
Jen Tilghman-Havens: Women's Resource Center
Jim Weiss: Faculty, Theology, A&S