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Security Camp - Boston College

March, 2020 Information Security Events at Boston College

Boston College is hosting two information security events on Wednesday, March 4 and Thursday, March 5:

  • On Wednesday, March 4, 2020 we will provide a stream of the 4th Annual Boston Conference on Cyber Security at Boston College. (BCCS). This will be an audio/video feed of speakers only, and will not include PowerPoints. It will not be possible to ask questions of presenters.  No registration is required.  No food will be provided. 

  • On Thursday, March 5, 2020 we will present 2020 BC Information Security CampRegistration is now open.

Both events will be held in 300 and 310 Higgins Hall.  See link at left for directions and parking.

For any questions, please send email to

To sign up for the Security Camp mailing list, go to

Security Camp in August is hosted by Boston University, not Boston College. See for information about the BU Camp