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Preferred Vendors

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Boston College Procurement Services has developed successful relationships and negotiated specialty rates with several external vendors.  For more information, see the categories listed on the Procurement Services webpage.


Preferred Vendor List

Transportation Services

Please be advised that the Boston College Office of Risk Management recommends that bus companies being utilized for trips of more than 25 passengers and/or traveling more than 20 miles from Boston College should be insured for over $10,000,000.00 and have their Certificates of Insurance on file in the Boston College Office of Risk Management.  All of the companies below are suppliers in good standing with Boston College and have Certificates of Insurance on file for the proper amount of coverage. 


For all Bus Travel  20 miles or greater from the University, the following companies are suppliers in good standing with Boston College and have Certificates of Insurance on file for the proper amount of coverage.

School Buses

AA Transportation Co. Inc.

First Student

Doherty's Garage

A&A Metro
For all Bus Travel with fewer than 20 passengers and less than 20 miles from the University, the above supplier is in good standing with Boston College and has the Certificate of Insurance on file for the proper amount of coverage.



Have all invoices mailed directly to your department. The mailing address must include department name, and invoices should reference a full time employee’s contact name. When possible, please request electronic copies of invoices.


Contact Procurement Services to facilitate the bid process. Once the bid process has been completed, departments can create requisitions using the winning quote. Procurement then sends the Purchase Order to the supplier (unless otherwise specified). When an order is placed departments must confirm that the supplier has the correct Purchase Order number, and that all related invoices and statements will reference the PO number.  

For all questions about insurance on any University vehicle rental, contact The Office of Risk Management at 617-552-2060 


Many suppliers offer various size vehicles. Inquire about options that will best meet your needs.

Typical sizes include: 54 passenger, 41 passenger, 38 passenger, 29 passenger, 21 passenger


Car Rental

Boston College has agreements with the following Car Rental companies.  Make sure to use the corporate discount numbers listed for each vendor when making your reservation.  

For all questions about Insurance on any University vehicle rental, contact The Offie of Risk Management at 617-552-2060 

If you are using your department American Express card for car rentals for students, contact Kathy Coholan at 2-3451 before making a reservation


Boston College has enrolled all Corporate Card members in the American Express Car Rental Loss and Damage (CRLD) program. Effective September 28,1996, you will automatically be covered for primary car rental insurance when you pay for your car rental with the American Express Corporate Card and reject the rental agency's Collision or Loss Damage Waiver (CDW or LDW).

This program does not extend to personal American Express Cards nor any other credit cards.
Features of the Program include:

* Up to $50,000 in primary insurance for damage loss of a rental due to collision, fire, theft, or vandalism.
* Coverage up to 42 consecutive days for daily or weekly rentals.
* Coverage for domestic and international rentals.
* No cost to the traveler (Boston College pays for the program from a corporate account).

If you have any questions or comments about the changes to the travel or Corporate Card program please contact the Boston College Purchasing Department at 617-552-3055.

Truck Rental


Copying Services

Eagle Print Services (Collegiate Press)
Located in Carney Hall
Contact them for more information at extension 2-3418 or at

 See also: BC’s Office of Marketing Communications