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Financial Forms

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Doing Business with Boston College

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P-Card Forms


Payment Forms

Below, are the needed resources to process your financial requests through the SABSC.

If you need additional help, please contact the SABSC.

P-Card is the preferred method of payment, if a P-Card could not be used, select, below, the correct form to reimburse an expense or to pay for a good or a service:

BC Employee Payment Form

This form is used to reimburse a BC Employee or to pay for services to a full-time Boston College Employee.

BC Student Reimbursement Form

This form is used to request a reimbursement to a Boston College student for a BC related expenditure. This form should NOT be used to request payment to a BC student for services rendered.

Report Form
This form must be completed and submitted with all travel related expenses (and attached to the Employee Payment Form).
Outside Vendor Payment Form

Use this form to request payment to a non-BC person, company, and to reimburse a non-BC person.

BC Student Hire and Payment Form

Use this form to request a payment to a BC student for a service performed. This form should NOT be used for reimbursement or award. If the student never worked for BC, they will have to follow instructions provided by Student Services on the form.

Award or Honorarium Form

Use this form to pay an award to a student or an honorarium to a professional for services. PLEASE NOTE: An honorarium is a payment given to a professional person for service for which fees are not legally or traditionally required. 

Transfer Form

Use this form to move funds from one chartstring to another chartstring. For example, this form can be used if two departments are co-sponsoring an event.

Order Form

This form is typically used for purchases over $5,000.00. A Purchase Order (PO) is a payment agreement between a buyer and a vendor. No cash is required in advance. The vendor will invoice BC for payment after the service is rendered.


Revenue Collection Forms

eMarket Request Form Use this form to request access to the University's e-commerce site. This can be used to collect revenue, dues, or sell goods for your department.
Source Information This form is required to be submitted with your eMarket request form if your storefront offers different prices and/or fees.
eMarket Reconciliation Form  This form must be submitted at the closure of your eMarket event sale. If monies collected were for donation purposes only, this form is not required.
Equipment Form Use this form to request equipment such as cash bags and cash boxes for events
Deposit Form Use this form to deposit cash, checks or other forms of revenue collected.
Robsham Theater Ticketing Request Form
Use this form to request a ticketed event in the Robsham Theater Arts Center.