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Archbishop Oscar A. Romero Scholarship Recipients


A committee of students, faculty and administrators was formed at Boston College to award a scholarship in memory of the martyred Archbishop. The scholarship recognizes a Boston College junior who best represents the values and ideals inherent in the life of Oscar Romero. Devotion to learning as evidence by the student's academic record here, and dedication to community service, both on and off campus, are the primary factors in determining the scholarship award. The student's financial need is also a consideration.


Reflections on the Application Process By Two Scholarship Recipients

Omar Gonzalez
Simply going through the in-depth application process for the Romero Scholarship was an incredibly rewarding experience. Rarely in my college career did I allow myself time for contemplative self examination. In retrospect, it was that time spent that allowed me to evaluate my life's mission and set me on my vocational trajectory. The application writing and interviewing was a great personal journey; that I wouldn't have traded no matter the recipient. 

Nora Frias
Applying for the Oscar Romero Scholarship was probably one of my most gratifying experiences at Boston College. After spending a semester abroad, I felt like I was all over the place and with the fast paced college life hardly had any time to sit and really reflect on myself and where I was in life. And that is exactly what this process allowed me to do I was fairly familiar with the scholarship and knew some of the past recipients and knew what amazing people they were. While at first that was intimidating, I knew I had to push myself to dig deep and figure out why I thought I was qualified and worthy of such an honor. Because aside from just the scholarship money, it really is an honor to be recognized under the name of such a great martyr and human being. Being the procrastinator I am, I delayed really getting into my essay mostly because I felt vulnerable having to think about all the things I had done, was hoping to do, failed to do, and how I was impacting others around me. As I began to write my heart really just poured into my essay. There is nothing more humbling or powerful than being true to yourself and expressing yourself to the fullest all the while challenging yourself. And aside from learning more about myself, I had the opportunity to learn more and more about an amazing individual. Oscar Romero was truly an inspirational man and one whose ideals and beliefs are some that I attempt to live by every day. I was completely immersed in his story and life and found myself reading and thinking more about his messages and I know I am a better person for it. The process from beginning to end is one that really had an impact on me. And there has been no greater feeling then hearing my own name called at the ceremony to be awarded such an honor.

Award Recipients

Steven Guerrero '18
Carroll School of Management

Maura Lester McSweeney '17
Arts & Sciences

Ricardo Alberto '16
Arts & Sciences

Francisco Bernard '15
Arts & Sciences

Rosemary Concepcion '15
Arts & Sciences

Jessica Vallejo`1

Arts & Sciences

Rui Soares '13
Arts & Sciences

Jesus Damian Baeza '12
Arts & Sciences

George Hart '11
Arts & Sciences

Jeans Santana '10
Arts & Sciences

Jennifer Castillo '09
Arts & Sciences

Genoveva Abreu '08
Arts & Sciences

Nora D. Frias '07
Arts & Sciences

Omar Gonzalez '06
Arts & Sciences

Arivee Vargas '05
Arts & Sciences

Stephanie Valencia '04
Arts & Sciences

Gabriel Verdaguer '03
Arts & Sciences

Roystone Martinez '02
School of Education

Ana Godoy '01
Art & Sciences

Vivian Horn '00 
Arts & Sciences

Marlene Carvajal '00
Art & Sciences

Juan Arteaga '99
Arts & Sciences

Melissa Colon '99
School of Education

Marielys Divanne '98
School of Education

Gibran Rivera '97
Arts & Sciences

Xiomara Ramos '96
Arts & Sciences

Margarita Gomez '95
Arts & Sciences

Fernando Pinguelo '94
Arts & Sciences
Yukmila Soriano '94
Arts & Sciences