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Robsham Theater Arts Center


Working at RTAC was hands down one of my favorite experiences at BC. I worked as part of the tech crew all four years, and as a tech assistant during my senior year. It was important and valuable for me to have such a long job on my resume after graduating. RTAC runs like a professional theatre, which was amazing experience to have as an undergrad, and provided me a leg up when I started working in the industry. RTAC was able to facilitate the opportunity to put into practice what I was learning in classes, and to meet theatre professionals throughout my time at BC. It was a supportive environment that helped to foster my love of working in theatre that continues to today.

-Sara Komorowski ‘14, Communications and 

Since my first day, I have gained many tangible skills, including customer service, learning a new and complex computer system, marketing skills and the importance of teamwork.  I can honestly say that my work in the Box Office has been a pivotal part of my Boston College experience and I do not know where I would be without the experiences and the relationships that I have made working here."

-Joe McCarthy '17, Carroll School of Management

Working for three years at the Robsham Theater Arts Center as a box office associate and a house manager provided me with valuable insight into the business of theater. As a stage manager, I was very familiar with the work that goes on behind the scenes to create a show or an event. Working at Robsham allowed me to experience in the front-of-house operations necessary to the success of a theater/event space. The numerous opportunities for customer interaction in both roles helped me develop my client hospitality skills. Being in charge of events and mentoring the other students working with me helped me learn better management skills. Working at the Robsham is a large part of why I decided to pursue an MBA; and the many skills I have gained from this experience will undoubtedly transfer to any career.

-Jonathan Silva '14, Mathematics

Without a doubt, working front-of-house operations at the Robsham Theatre helped me gain important career experience and positively affected my future goals. Working in the box office gave me invaluable financial management skills that I use both in my career, as a box office associate and subscriptions apprentice, and in my daily life. Working as a house manager helped me to go on in hospitality management for other non-profit organizations like FringeArts and the Walnut Street Theatre. I learned about professionalism and customer service in ways unique to the arts, but often applicable to all fields. The job was a perfect fit for my busy undergraduate schedule as a student, an employee, and a theatre practitioner. The job changed my personal career goals from performance and technical theatre to arts administration and is a key reason in why I am pursuing a graduate certificate in non-profit management as I hope to one day manage my own arts organization, combing the skills I learned at the Robsham Theatre. 

-Sarah Kelley '14, History and Theatre 

"I’ve been working front of house at Robsham Theater for all four of my years at BC.  Coming from a rural town in Vermont, my initial excitement stemmed from the opportunity to regularly attend the big productions hosted at Robsham. Beyond viewing some of the big name acts and productions that come through the theater, I’ve also enjoyed my position as it's allowed me to work with a diverse population, honed my problem solving abilities, and given me an opportunity to enjoy working in the entertainment industry without any previous experience.  As a Senior planning my next career steps, I’ve found the leadership skills I've developed as a House Manager to be a great asset."

- Annalise Goyne '16, Communication


"My work at the RTAC taught me skills that I use every day.  From supervising other employees, to creating valuable assessment tools, to planning large scale events, I would not be in the position that I am today without my experience there.  The professional staff at the RTAC is so supportive and easy to work with.  I felt extremely comfortable working in the positive learning environment that they created."

- Owen Grover '12, Spanish & '14 Master's in Higher Ed.