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International Travel

risk management

Boston College is enrolled with GeoBlue a health and emergency services provider. The accident and health insurance blanket policy provides worldwide medical coverage for registered Boston College students/ faculty/ staff while traveling and living outside the United States.

Once you and/or your group has decided to go abroad you must register with GeoBlue through the Office of Risk Management if your trip is not arranged through OIP, Campus Ministry or the Volunteer and Service Learning Center to ensure you have medical coverage when traveling abroad.  For more specifics, please contact Jane Hall at 617.552.2040 or

Once you have signed up, you need to register online at The website will then give you access to a large number of medical care providers and facilities abroad that directly work with GeoBlue. With this service and coverage plan, there is no need for a separate claim to your health insurance company in the United States. You simply need to show your GeoBlue membership card and all billing will be done directly between the provider and GeoBlue.  In case of an emergency, you should go to the nearest physician or hospital without delay and then contact GeoBlue collect at + 1 610 254 8771.

This policy is in effect for both BC and approved external programs. Please note that GeoBlue does not replace required medical insurance within the United States. Rather, it will provide you with medical services and assistance overseas. GeoBlue Master Guide: 2017 Policy Exclusions apply.

Students traveling abroad before the start of their program, or those who wish to remain abroad after the program ends may be eligible for extended GeoBlue coverage. 


Boston College Office of International Programs has a very informative website with regard to Student Health and Disability Information for Study Abroad. To access that information sheet, please click ed1/safetywellness.html.  Please be sure to review it carefully prior to your departure.

For general information on document requirements and visa application procedures, please visit the U.S. Bureau of Consular Affairs.

Special provisions may apply to international students and/or non-U.S. citizens going abroad. Please check with the respective Consulate General of Embassy of the country where your passport is issued.


Further, to stay informed students and parents should regularly monitor State Department travel advisories and consular information sheets.  In addition to State Department warnings, students may also obtain information from respective U.S. Embassy/Consulates abroad.