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Property Claims Reporting

risk management

The following steps should be completed in the event of a Property Damage Loss that occurs on the Boston College Campus.

Note, the following procedures are subject to change at any time.



When Building or Departmental Property becomes damaged or lost:

  • If Property Damage, the site should be secured immediately.
  • Pictures of damage should be taken as soon as possible.
  • As soon as practical, Risk Management should be contacted (x 2060) and advised of loss.
  • Further, if damage looks to exceed $5,000 Risk Management must contact our insurance carrier so an adjuster can be sent out to inspect the loss.
  • Property Form must be completed by a contact person for the Department and submitted to the Office of Risk Management within 24 hours.
  • All damaged property must be retained for inspection by carrier/ adjuster.
  • Note, the insurance company will investigate the loss and determine what (if any) reimbursement will be made subject to the deductible of the policy.
  • There are notable exclusions, including:
    - No coverage for mechanical breakdown, wear & tear, mold nor any theft loss unless visible signs of forced entry.
  • If the claim is accepted, the Department/ Facilities will be required to provide receipts and/or invoices for all labor and materials.  No reimbursement will be made until replacement items are purchased or repair work is completed.

Boston College does not provide coverage for personally owned items unless those items are considered essential to the employee’s job and are used to further the goals of Boston College, and the items are damaged or stolen while on University premises.  If a loss occurs, the same steps as above should be followed.  Again, note the claim will be investigated by the Insurance Company/ Risk Management and the loss and reimbursement (if any) will be made subject to the terms and conditions of the University’s Insurance policy.  Note, the exclusions mentioned above will still apply.

The University expects each employee to have his or her own insurance coverage for high cost items, which have values beyond the usual book/ journal range but are directly related to the employee’s duties.  On a case by case basis the University will consider reimbursing an employee for his/her personal property deductible when these types of valuable personal items are damaged or stolen while on University premises, again subject to the exclusions listed above.

Personally owned items that are not directly related to an employee’s job are not provided any coverage by the University.  While the University allows employees to bring these items of decoration, comfort and convenience to their offices (such as rugs, televisions, art work, clock radios, bicycles, etc.), the University assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to same and the employee should be aware the responsibility for insuring same rests with the individual.


Boston College does not insure any student property and will only consider reimbursement in those instances where the University is responsible.  Further, no theft claims will be reimbursed.  When a student’s property becomes damaged and the student feels the University is responsible, the student should notify the Office of Residential Life and proceed through that Office.  If the claim is ultimately deemed the responsibility of the University, a student may be reimbursed.


Any questions, please contact Anastos Chiavaras at 617.552.8010 or