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Claims and Accidents

The office of Risk Management works with the entire University community to identify risks and resolve losses. All Boston College personnel should consider their safety and the safety of others while working.

Automobile Claims

Boston College operates a fleet of owned and leased vehicles. Boston College has an insurance program to protect the vehicles and all authorized drivers.  Drivers of vehicles involved in an accident must follow the steps under the Auto Claims Reporting tab and complete the Massachusetts Operator's Report found in each vehicle, returning all documentation to Risk Management.

Property Claims

Property losses are those that arise from damage or destruction to University equipment, buildings or assets. Department personnel must take appropriate steps to protect partially damaged property or equipment from further damage. Department personnel are responsible for providing documentation required by the insurance company to establish the extent of any loss.  See Property Claims Reporting.

General Liability Claims

General Liability is defined as liability arising from day-to-day operations of the University. It covers claims for damages to other people’s property as well as bodily injury to visitors of the University.This policy protects employees, faculty and volunteers against claims for damages and covers legal fees and expenses resultant from a lawsuit based on their work for the University.

Workers’ Compensation Claims

Workers’ Compensation is a state mandated law protecting employees who are injured in the course of the job.  See Worker's Compensation Claim Reporting.