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ResLife Student Summer Employment

office of residential life

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The Boston College Office of Residential Life offer a number of exciting full-time and part-time positions between the months of May and September. Applications for the Summer Staff will be available online beginning early February and are due in early March. Please read through both the position descriptions and contracts to determine which is best suited for you before applying.

Choose from a variety of positions that differ in terms of responsibility and time requirements. Some may require additional hours at certain times throughout the summer, depending on the schedule of activities.  

Most position contracts are from May 15–August 26 and include seven unpaid vacation days. Part of the compensation for most positions is free summer housing, which includes all the amenities of living on one of the most beautiful campuses in New England! Experience Boston at its best time of year without the stress of classes and student group commitments.

All staff will assist in end-of-academic-year and end-of-summer transition processes. Due to limited time available to prepare the halls for the fall, student staff should expect to relocate during the summer, possibly three to four times.

Those selected for a Summer Staff Coordinator position will be part of the Leadership Team that helps keep the Boston College campus functioning during the summer months. Each Coordinator position holds a high level of responsibility and operational requirements. We hope this position provides each student with a real-world work environment in which to experiment and develop analytical and practical management skills.

Summer Staff training is usually scheduled for late April. Additional trainings may also be scheduled on a rolling basis throughout the term of your employment. Training is mandatory, and you will not receive a position if you cannot attend. Please note, exceptions may be made for students currently abroad. Facilities Crew training is conducted on an alternate schedule. Those selected for these positions will be contacted by email.

The Summer Operations team provides our students with hands on learning experiences, in a fast paced, and educational environment. We are looking for strong communicators, that are self-motivated and have excellent attention to detail.

Please read through the job descriptions carefully and let us know if you have any questions about any of the positions. When applying please take care to fill out your application in it's entirety. Be advised that both paid and unpaid positions are available, and all positions are compensated with housing.

Student Housing Coordinator - Paid

The Student Housing Coordinator is responsible for working closely with the Summer Housing Resident Director to assist with housing placement of summer students and internal groups. They also help monitor the summer guests with their specific check-in and check-out dates in our residence halls. The Summer Resident Director will be assigned as a mentor to the Student Housing Coordinator to learn important leadership and management skills.

Detailed Job Description
Camps and Conferences Coordinator - Paid

The Camp and Conference Coordinator is responsible for overseeing camps and conferences that are utilizing Boston College residence halls and facilities. In collaboration with Events Management and other Summer Housing Coordinators, they will have direct oversight and ensure all accommodations are being met for guests including housing placement, linens, building access, and other special requests. They are responsible for assisting with the management of a staff of 25 community assistants by scheduling nightly shifts and manage groups that are arriving to and departing from campus.

Detailed Job Description
Prep Crew Coordinators - Paid

The Prep Crew Coordinator is an extremely pivotal role of summer operations. They work in collaboration with every coordinator to prepare residence halls for guest that will be arriving. They are responsible for managing a team of individuals and accomplishing tasks within tight timeframes.

Detailed Job Description
Finance Coordinator - Paid

The Finance Coordinator is responsible for working in a team environment to execute billing for all housing during the summer months; they are also responsible for documenting all summer expenses. They are responsible for working closely with the Staff Assistant for Summer Housing and Transitions. The Finance Coordinator will also attend daily Coordinator meetings in the morning. 

Detailed Job Description
Welcome Center  Coordinator - Paid

The Welcome Center Coordinator is responsible for creating and promoting a positive welcome environment for all guests who are staying at Boston College. They will manage a staff of 8 – 10 peers, who will be responsible for working in the Stayer Hall Welcome Center. This individual will create, distribute and collect all cards and keys issued to groups. The Welcome Center Coordinator will attend daily Coordinator meetings in the morning.

Detailed Job Description
Technology Coordinator - Paid

The Technology Coordinator works closely with all coordinators to assist and execute all technology needs of the Summer Office. They will be responsible for learning multiple types of software essential for Summer Operations.

Detailed Job Description
Welcome Center Staff - Paid

A Welcome Center staff member is responsible for maintaining the front desk of the Welcome Center located in Stayer Hall. They should have a positive attitude and create a comfortable environment for guests on campus. They are responsible for the transition of groups arriving and departing campus.

Detailed Job Description
ResLife Facilities Crew - Paid

The Summer Facilities Crew is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the residence halls throughout the summer months. They will be working closely with a team of 25 - 40 students, and must be able to work in a team atmosphere. The Facilities Crew should have strong communication with their coworkers as many of their projects are time sensitive.

Detailed Job Description
Office Staff - Paid

Office Staff members are responsible for greeting guests that enter the Office of Residential Life. They must upkeep a positive presence at the front desk and are responsible for all aspects of phone communication for the Office of Residential Life. They must keep the front desk presentable and follow other basic secretarial functions.

Detailed Job Description
Prep Crew - Paid

Support the Prep Crew Coordinators in the daily operations of Summer Housing. This position works directly with 10-15 team members. They will be responsible for setting up and breaking down rooms that summer clients have utilized. Prep Crew will attend daily meetings with their Coordinators in the morning.  

Detailed Job Description
Community Assistant -Not Paid

Community Assistants are responsible for maintaining a hospitable, positive, and visible presence in the halls. They are also responsible for assisting the Summer Housing, Camp & Conference Coordinators with the check-in and check-out of various groups and students.  Community Assistants will provide support and be a resource for the student population, as well as the Summer Camp and Summer Conferences that are utilizing the Residence Halls during the summer months.

Detailed Job Description

Please note that we receive many applications and therefore, not all applicants will receive an interview. Take care when completing the application and writing your essays. Seniors and graduate students are welcome to apply. Applicants who are currently abroad or planning to go abroad in the Fall should clearly state arrival or departure dates. Please see the above important dates for application timeline.

You Must be a BC student to apply for any of these positions.

  1. You will not have the ability to save and finish this application on a later date.
  2. You will not be able to resubmit an application.
  3. You must be logged into Gmail through your Boston College account, to access the application. 
  4. The application, which includes two short essay questions, should take about 40 - 45 minutes to complete.
  5. All positions are required to submit a Resume, Coordinator positions must submit a Resume and Letter of Recommendation.

The following two questions will be asked in the application:

  1. What skills and/or traits do you possess that would be beneficial in this position? Describe how this summer position would impact your professional and your personal growth. What are the learning outcomes that you wish to achieve if you acquire this position?
  2. A Jesuit education encourages its students to integrate contemplation and action into their lives; especially a wholehearted commitment to the service of others. With the knowledge that you have been able to obtain regarding the position that you have applied for and the Summer Operations, please describe how your potential role interacts with the Jesuit tradition of Boston College? How do you see yourself carry out the tradition within this position? 

Should you have any questions, please email

Due to both a limited number of positions and interview times available, not all applicants will receive an interview. Candidates will be chosen based on both their application and information such as GPA, conduct records, and previous ResLife employment reviews. Please note: Previous employment by Residential Life does not guarantee a position or interview.

Those accepted for an interview will be notified mid March and will be able to select an interview time slot online. Please see the important dates section for dates and locations. Those who do not schedule an interview, arrive late, or miss their interview will not be considered for a position.

Students who are abroad may apply and are required to have a phone or online video interview. You must be able to interview during one of the standard interview time slots, as no special interview times are available.

Staff Interviews

Staff interviews will be approximately 15 minutes in length.
Dress: Business Casual

Coordinator Interviews

Coordinator interviews are extremely limited and will be approximately 30 minutes in length. Those who interview for a Coordinator position are also considered for other staff positions.
Dress: Business