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Application Information

shaw leadership program

Applying for the Shaw Leadership Program is a TWO-STEP application process.
You must complete BOTH steps in order for your application to be complete.

How to Apply for the 2010-2011 Shaw Leadership Program

STEP 1. Visit Agora Portal to complete the Special Interest Housing application

1. What current leadership skills and/or characteristics do you possess, and how have you demonstrated these qualities?

2. Why did you decide to apply to the Shaw Leadership Program, and what leadership skills and abilities are you hoping to gain from the program?

3. Why does ethical leadership mean to you and how have you demonstrated this in your daily life?

These questions can be found by logging onto the Agora portal and selecting the "My Services" tab. Under "Other Services" you will see "My Reslife." Enter "StarRez" and select the "Application" tab at upper left. You will find the Special Interest Housing applications here.

STEP 2. Complete and send ALL of the following:
  1. College essay: a copy of your favorite college admissions essay.
  2. Quote: a copy of your favorite quote and a brief explanation of what it means to you, how it relates to your philosophy on leadership (if applicable), why you chose this quote, etc.
  3. Resume: leadership positions and other extracurricular involvement (i.e. high school/community involvement, student government, internships, etc)
  4. Photo: a recent photograph of yourself doing something you enjoy. Briefly explain the significance of the photograph to you.
  5. Self-project: a creative expression to allow us to get to know the real leader within you. There are many possibilities for this and there are no specific guidelines or rules for this project. We are looking for an honest, creative example of you. In the past, we have received original writing samples, poems, pictures of original art, etc.
    *If you would like to or need to include any explanation or story about why you included any item in your application, please feel free to do so.

STEP 2 applications should be sent to:
Boston College
140 Commonwealth Avenue
Office of Residential Life
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467
Attn: Shaw Leadership Program
or email to or fax to (617) 552-2536

Priority Application Deadline: June 8, 2011
*STEP 2 Applications must be postmarked by June 15, 2011 in order to be eligible.

Second-round phone interview: Applicants selected to move into our second round will be contacted for a phone interview in June or July.

Questions? Contact