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Policies: Room Selection Process

office of residential life

The following procedures apply to the entire room selection process. Please read all of the information carefully for a broad outline of your responsibilities.

Eligibility: All students who are entering into a guaranteed year of housing are eligible providing they:

  • are free of any sanctions from the Office of Residential Life and the Office of the Dean of Students  -AND-
  • are a full-time matriculating day student. College of Advancing Studies students, students on a leave of absence, or other students who are not currently enrolled are not eligible to participate -AND-
  • are free of any outstanding obligations on their student account.

Eligibility Code: Eligibility codes are assigned based on the Registrar's record of your class year as of the beginning of the room selection process. No changes will be made after the process begins.

Eligibility codes are assigned as follows:

Current juniors & seniors* = 1
Current sophomores = 2
Current freshmen = 3

* this could be a student who has one semester left to complete their degree

Students can form a group by combining their individual eligibility codes to make a group total.

Learn more about group eligibility categories.

Grouping: Students should decide whom they would like to live with based upon personal compatibility issues such as lifestyles, habits, and preferences. It is the Office of Residential Life's feeling that whom you live with is more important, ultimately, than where you live. Once you have determined your group, a member must be designated as the group leader.

Registration: To apply for a room/suite/apartment, the group leader will enter each group member’s Eagle ID number into the registration page found within the housing application on the Agora Portal. A computer-based, random drawing of all registered groups will produce a pool of groups that can participate in the selection of rooms in that process. If your group is not selected to participate in your chosen process, your group leader will need to re-register the group for another process.

Blocking: Blocking provides groups with the opportunity to merge with other groups and select housing at the same pick time by the same group leader. When groups wish to block, both groups must fall into the same room selection category. The groups who are blocking will have 1 group leader and register once. Groups are not allowed to split up and select at different times. For the 3-person apartment, 4-person apartment & 4-person suite registration, students may block up to three groups. For 2-person apartments, students may block up to four groups. For 2, 3 & 4-person traditional style rooms, up to 8 names may be blocked, in groups of 2, 3, or 4.  For all other processes, two groups may block together. Blocking does not increase or decrease your chances of getting selected.

Behavior Restrictions: If any student exhibits inappropriate behavior at any time during the room selection process towards the Office of Residential Life as a whole, any member of the Residential Life staff, or any other Boston College community member, that student may be withdrawn from the group selection process or placed in the Final Selection process. This extends to student's online behavior, including, but not limited to email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Additionally, any student who is found manipulating the process will have their judicial record reviewed and may lose their privilege to live on campus.

Special Housing Needs: If you have a medical condition, psychological or physical disability that you would like to request specific accommodations for, you must following all instructions and submit all medical documentation as specified in the Need Based Housing Accommodation page within the Housing Application. Applicants must also schedule an appointment to meet with Noor Ibrahim, Assistant Director for Housing Assignments; contact our office to schedule an appointment by calling 617-552-4725 no later than Friday, February 9, 2018.

Deadlines: Dates and times are strictly followed to ensure the fairness of the procedure. Due to the volume of transactions taking place, individual exceptions will not be made. Please take the time to read this information thoroughly and note all deadlines.

Selection: Groups that are notified for a selection time will choose their housing assignment online. Once an assignment has been selected, no members of that group may participate in any further selection process, whether individually or in a group. No exceptions will be made. Additionally, following the room selection process, changes cannot take place.

Resident Assistant and Roommates of Resident Assistants: Students accepting the RA position are not eligible to participate in the room selection process. Students accepting housing accommodations with Resident Assistants are not eligible to participate in the room selection process.

Residency Agreement: The Residency Agreement is the legal document that obligates you to follow the housing policies established by Boston College. Your signature on the copy of the contract (or the electronic signature via Agora) is mandatory and binds you to the agreement. Your signed Residency Agreement will be subject to cancellation if you become ineligible for on-campus housing or have outstanding charges on your student account. Your signature on the Residency Agreement (or your electronic signature via Agora) indicates that you have read the Conditions for Residency. Should you have an impairment that keeps you from reading this document, please contact our office.

Cancellation: If you do not check into your housing assignment by the end of the first week of classes of the fall semester, you will be automatically withdrawn and your space will be assigned to another student. You must notify the Office of Residential Life in writing/email if you cannot return until after this date.

Vacancies: Any vacancy that occurs after the room selection process will be filled by another student. If half or more of the residents of an apartment, suite, or room withdraw over the summer, the Office of Residential Life reserves the right to reassign the remaining students.

6 and 9-Person Suites: Students residing in 6 or 9-person suites in Vanderslice and 90 St. Thomas More Halls are not eligible for a room rebate, as these assignments are not forced triple rooms.

Leave of Absences & Withdrawals: If a student selects a room and later withdraws or takes a leave of absence from Boston College, this change in status will result in the student's housing assignment being cancelled and reassigned to another student. If a student is readmitted to housing after a withdrawal or leave of absence, the student is not guaranteed housing and will be housed on a space available basis. Placement in the same assignment is not guaranteed.

In order to guarantee yourself a space on campus, you must register and select a room as part of a group, or register for Final Selection.

If an eligible student has not completed the necessary steps in the room selection process, they are no longer guaranteed housing and must complete an appeal for housing via Agora. These students will receive housing on a space-available basis.


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