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Returning Student Room Selection Process

office of residential life


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a list of frequently asked questions regarding the Returning Student Room Selection Process. The questions are grouped by categories. Simply click on the question to reveal the answer. Should you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us by calling (617) 552-3060 or emailing



You must send an email to with the following information: Full name, Eagle ID number and your housing intent (whether or not you plan on participating in the room selection process to live in university housing). Room selection is a mandatory, deadline-driven process and there is a possibility that you will no longer be eligible to participate in the process and you will instead have to appeal for housing via the Agora Portal

During the spring semester, eligible students will secure university housing for the next academic year through the room selection process. In order to live in university housing next year, students must go through the room selection process. If you do not go through the room selection process, you will not have a univeristy housing assignment next year. 

The entire room selection process is done online, through the "My ResLife" area of the Agora portal. 

Students can choose to participate in room selection as a group (Group Selection) or as an individual (Final Selection).

There are four main parts to the Group Selection process:

  • Housing Application: In order to begin the room selection process, eligible students must indicate their housing intent within the returning student housing application via "My ResLife" on the Agora Portal.
  • Group Registration: The Group Leader registers the group for a particular accommodation type via "My ResLife." Room registrations take place between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m.
  • Room Draw: Following the close of registration, a computer-driven random drawing will select the participants of each selection. All members of the groups that participate in each drawing will receive an email regarding their drawing results.
  • Room Pick: If a group is selected to pick a room, the group leader will receive an email with the scheduled time at which he/she will select next year's room assignment online. The selection will take place later that same day.
After a group has picked the room, the process is over. If a group was not drawn for a particular accommodation type, that group will have to continue through the process for the next available selection. 
If a student decides to participate in Final Selection instead of Group Selection, he/she must complete the Final Selection document, located on Agora under "My ResLife."

If a student was granted three years of housing, the mandatory year off-campus is junior year. Students are not permitted to change this. If a rising sophomore student with three years of housing chooses to move off-campus, he/she will have to remain off-campus for both sophomore and junior years; but will be eligible to move back on-campus senior year.

In order to reside in university housing next academic year, students must participate in the room selection process. Any eligible student who does not select a room or participate in Final Selection by the end of the room selection process will no longer be eligible to live in university housing and may forfeit all future claims to university housing.

Important Note: Declaring your intent to live in university housing is not enough to receive a housing assignment in university housing. Each student must also either pick a room with a group or participate as an individual in the Final Selection process. 

Applications for Living & Learning Communities (LLC) are made available within the Housing Application. Students should answer all required questions regarding Living & Learning Communities within the Housing Application. The upperclassmen LLC options are: Sustainability, 66 Honors, Gabelli Honors, and Healthy Living Community (HLC).  To learn more, please visit the Living & Learning Programs page



Incoming first year students are not assigned on-campus housing through this process.  If you are an incoming first year student, your housing assignment and roommate information will be communicated during the first week in August. 

All students who are entering into a guaranteed year of housing are eligible providing they:

  • are free of any sanctions from the Office of Residential Life and the Office of the Dean of Students  -AND-
  • are a full-time matriculating day students. College of Advancing Studies students, students on a leave of absence, or other students who are not currently enrolled are not eligible to participate -AND-
  • are free of any outstanding obligations on their student account

To find out how many years of guaranteed housing you have, you can check through the Agora Portal, by clicking on the "My Services" tab > "My ResLife," Web Forms > Assignment History.

Students who have received a specific sanction barring them from room selection will be administratively placed over the summer.  Additionally, students suspended from housing or the University are not eligible to participate in the room selection process.

To clear up any outstanding balances on your student account, contact Student Services at 617-552-3300; to inquire about your conduct status, contact your conduct officer or Residential Life at 617-552-3060.

No. Only housing eligible students may participate in the room selection process.  If you are not eligible for to participate in the room selection process, you can submit a housing appeal through the Agora Portal. 


Studying Abroad/Transfering

As room selection is conducted online via Agora, students who currently live in university housing, are studying abroad, or are living off-campus can all equally participate in the process.

No. You do not go through the full room selection process. You do, however, still need to declare your housing intent within the Housing Application, and you should indicate that you do not intend to live on campus because you will be abroad in the fall semester. This does not affect your spring semester housing eligibility. You will be contacted by our department in November to begin the housing application process for the spring semester. You will have the ability to indicate room type preferences, roommate requests or a specific room that you know will be available in the spring. Please keep in mind these are requests and are not guaranteed.  We will do our best to fulfill any requests to the best of our ability.

Over winter break, we will complete spring semester housing assignments and once your assignment is ready to be viewed, you will receive communication from us. 

Yes.  Any housing eligible student unsure of their future plans should go through the room selection process. Any eligible student who does not select a room or participate in final selection by the end of the room selection process will no longer be eligible to live in univeristy housing and may forfeit all future claims to university housing.

If you do go through room selection and then decide at a later date that you will not need to live in university housing anymore, you can fill out a housing Leave of Absence form within the Agora Portal and your room assignment will be cancelled. Depending on when the leave of absence form is submitted, you will either not be charged for room and board (if applicable) at all or you will receive a full refund. Students are entitled to a 100% refund for room and board as long as they fill out the form by the end of first week of classes of a semester.



Blocking provides groups with the opportunity to merge with other groups and select housing at the same pick time by the same group leader. When groups wish to block, both groups must fall into the same room selection category. The groups who are blocking will have 1 group leader and register once. Groups are not allowed to split up and select at different times. For the 3-person apartment, 4-person apartment & 4-person suite registration, students may block up to three groups. For 2-person apartments, students may block up to four groups. For 2, 3 & 4-person traditional style rooms, up to 8 names may be blocked, in groups of 2, 3, or 4.  For all other processes, two groups may block together. Blocking does not increase or decrease your chances of getting selected.

If you would like to find roommates with whom you can enter the room selection process, contact your Resident Director.

Another option is to enter into Final Selection, which is the last event for room selection. On the designated days for final selection, students may register themselves into this process via the housing application on "My ResLife" in the Agora Portal. Over the summer, we will place the students from Final Selection into housing assignments, doing our best to work with any preferences indicated within a student's housing application. 

Please see your Resident Director for roommate requests.


Special Accommodations

The limited number of single rooms are reserved for medical placements. If you have a medical condition, psychological or physical disability that you would like to request specific accommodations for, you must register with the Disability Services Office and submit all relevant documentation to them.

Our single rooms are located in 66 Commonwealth Avenue and Greycliff Halls, with the majority of these rooms being in Greycliff. 

If you have a medical condition, psychological or physical disability that you would like to request specific accommodations for, students must register with the Office of Disability Services and supply all documentation requested by them.

Many students ask the probability of receiving a certain living accommodation. The demand for every accommodation on campus varies from year to year. There is no way to predict how many students will enter each drawing each year, so there is no way that we can estimate your probability of receiving the accommodation you want. 



If your group does not get selected for an accommodation in a suite on Lower Campus, you will not automatically be placed into a room on College Road. Your group will have to enter the drawing for 2-, 3-, or 4-person traditional-style rooms. Such rooms are located on College Road, 66 Commonwealth Avenue and Greycliff Halls. 

Lower Campus Housing Capacity = 4,456
Approximate number of upperclassmen who will live on campus = 5,200
Approximate number of rising sophomores who will live on College Road = 547


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