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View Your "My ResLife" Bill

office of residential life

All buildings are inspected by a highly trained Facilities Inspections Team during the months of May and June. Any damages or excessive trash found will result in charges being applied to your student account during the month of July. All charges will be listed as "Damage Charge" or "Key/Lock Fine" on your student account. However, a detailed description of the transaction can be viewed within My ResLife via the Agora Portal. It is from here that you may also appeal charges. All appeals must be submitted by August 3rd, and all charges are non-disputable and nonrefundable after August 3rd. Please email any additional questions to

Step-by-Step Instructions:


  1. Log into the Agora Portal.
  2. Select My Services.
  3. Select My ResLife.
    My Services in Portal

  4. Enter StarRez.
    enter StarRez

  5. Select Web Forms. If this is your first time entering the StarRez Portal, you must register before accessing any Web Forms.
    web forms selection

  6. Select My ResLife Bill.
    My reslife bill
  7. A list of all your charges should now be displayed.
    My Bills

    How to Appeal:

  8. Click on the Appeal link next to the charge in question.
  9. Provide a detailed statement as to why you feel you are not responsible for the damaged item. Please note: Each transaction must be appealed separately.
    Appeal page
  10. Click Create Appeal when complete.