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Resident Assistants

office of residential life

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The Resident Assistant application for the 2019-2020 academic year has officially closed. If you have any questions about the process please contact Brian Regan at Below is general information for the application process for future years.


The Office of Residential Life makes continuous efforts to advance and sustain an organizational culture that fully welcomes diversity and inclusiveness for all members of the Boston College community. We welcome ALL students with various experiences and talents to apply for this position.

The application will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete, will require demographic information, and a resume and cover letter. Candidates will need the following information in order to complete the application:

  1. One reference, including their name, position/title, relationship to you, phone number, and email address.
  2. A cover letter in a page or less that addresses your interest in the Resident Assistant position, and the skills and strengths that you would contribute to the residential life team.
  3. A current resume.

» The cover letter and resume should be uploaded as a PDF in one document.

If you need help creating, updating, or revising your resume, please feel free to work with the Career Center. They also offer resume and cover letter samples as well as resume and cover letter writing tips. Students can also visit the Career Center during drop-in hours (no appointment necessary).

Interview Process:

Becoming an RA is a competitive process. The best advice is to speak with your current Resident Director or Resident Assistant about the process. In addition, the Office of Residential Life is collaborating with the Career Center to offer candidates opportunities to refine their resumes and prepare for the interview process. For more information on interviewing, check out the Interview Skills on the Career Center website.​

Group Interview:

Qualified candidates with completed applications will be invited to participate in the Resident Assistant Group Process. This process, which will involve active participation and group interaction, will allow Office of Residential Life staff a chance to evaluate participants in order to make sound hiring and placement decisions.

RA Individual Interview:

Qualified candidates who are successful in the group interview will be asked to return for a 30-minute individual interview. 

Final placement decisions with regard to community and building are made after the completion of the application, group process, and individual interview. Participation in all aspects of the selection process does not guarantee a Resident Assistant position.


If you have questions about the Resident Assistant application or selection process, please email the Associate Director, Selection, Training, and Formation, Brian Regan at If you have general questions about the Resident Assistant position, please contact your Resident Director, Resident Assistant, or email



A successful candidate for a Resident Assistant position at Boston College will be open minded and enjoy working with diverse groups of people. Candidates will be organized, responsible, and able to make good, ethical decisions. Candidates must demonstrate leadership, interpersonal skills, and a commitment to diversity. We welcome all students with various backgrounds, experiences, and talents to apply!

Eligibility Requirements:

»A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50 is required at the time of application or after the first semester for current first year students. Grades will be checked at the end of the Fall semester and again at the end of the Spring semester to make sure that the standard academic minimum requirements are met. Failure to meet the minimum GPA requirement will result in removal from the selection process.

»Candidates must be in good disciplinary standing with the Office of Residential Life and the Office of the Dean of Students. Candidates must not currently be serving a sanction of housing probation or higher. Disciplinary records will be reviewed for each applicant.

»Candidates must be enrolled as a full-time Boston College student for the academic year in which you are applying for in order to be a Resident Assistant. Undergraduate students in the Woods College are not eligible to apply at this time. 

»Incoming first year law student are not eligible to apply for a Resident Assistant position until your second or third year of law school. 

»Graduate student applicants position offers are contingent on your acceptance into your graduate program.

Basic Function:

Resident Assistants are full-time students who live in the residence halls and are responsible for a community of residents. They provide support, act as a resource for students, coordinate social and educational programs, and work together as a staff to enforce University policy within the halls.

General Position Responsibilities:

  1. Know, support, and advise the residents living in your community
  2. Act as a resource for residents and make referrals to appropriate campus services
  3. Plan, implement, and evaluate programs for the community or building
  4. Attend weekly staff meetings and staff development activities
  5. Attend weekly or biweekly one-on-one meetings with Resident Director
  6. Conduct building rounds and participate in a weekly duty rotation
  7. Report any damages to the building or building facilities
  8. Enforce University policy within our residential communities (on and off duty)
  9. Assist with semester opening/closing and additional duty as needed
  10. Support the Office of Residential Life in its mission to create inclusive and supportive educational living and learning environments
  11. Encourage conversations with residents about personal issues, academics, social concerns, future plans, and spirituality


During RA Training in August you will participate in up to 20+ presentations from various offices and on multiple topics related to the position. Couple this with over 16 hours of in-hall time, we hope you will come away with an understanding of your specific role and responsibilities, how the RA position fits into the greater BC Community and mission, and engage with residents on an interpersonal level around topics such as academics, equity and diversity, wellness, and more.

Former BC RAs Wishing to Return After One or More Semesters Away:

Former Boston College Resident Assistants who desire to return to the RA position after one or more semesters away from the position must adhere to the guidelines listed below. Please note that each circumstance is different and may require additional steps if deemed necessary.

  1. Former RAs must contact Nekesa Straker via email to express their interest in returning to the RA Team. They should specify why they left the position, why they wish to return, and when (semester) they would like to return.
  2. The student should then apply via the RA Application for the applicable year so that the selection team has all of the correct and updated information about the student.
  3. Residential Life staff will review the former RA's employment file to ensure the student left in good standing and under desireable circumstances.
  4. The final step is a phone/in person interview with the student to inquire about what has changed since they were in the position, what they are looking for upon returning to the RA position, etc.

If the former RA has a good employment record and is able to articulate their desire to return in a way meeting department need and expectations, then they will be placed in the returnee selection process (if applying for next academic year). However, if the request is made mid year or after RA Selection, the student may only be rehired if a position is available.

If the student does not meet requirements, or if there is a questions about the circumstances related to their departure or return, it is possible that the department will choose not to allow the student to return in an RA capacity.

  1. Room, board, and infirmary fees are compensated
  2. Plan fun and exciting events on campus and in the Boston area
  3. Learn to work with a team to develop a sense of community
  4. Learn de-escalation and confrontation techniques
  5. Meet new and exciting residents on your floor and in your community
  6. Develop and strengthen leadership and decision-making skills
  7. Work with a group of diverse peers and administrators
  8. Learn effective and appropriate communication skills
  9. Learn administrative and time management skills