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General Information

Short Description: LISREL is a statistical package for Standard and Multilevel structural equation modeling.

Long Description:  LISREL allows extensive statistical analyses from exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis, path analysis, to various causal modeling. The LISREL model, in its most general form, consists of two parts: the measurement model and the structural equation model. The measurement model specifies how latent variables or hypothetical constructs depend upon or indicated by the observed variables. It describes the measurement properties (reliabilities and validities) of the observed variables.
The LISREL methodology is particularly designed to accommodate models that include latent variables, measurement errors, reciprocal causation, simultaneity, and interdependence.

Standard and Multilevel structural equation modeling are available for the following data types:Complete and incomplete complex survey data on continuous variables, Complete and incomplete simple random sample data on ordinal and continuous variables

In addition to Structural Equation Modeling features, the newest release of Lisrel (9.1) also includes the following capabilities/packages:

   PRELIS for data manipulations and basic statistical analyses.
   MULTILEV for hierarchical linear and non-linear modeling.
   SURVEYGLIM for generalized linear modeling.
   MAPGLIM for generalized linear modeling for multilevel data. 

Category: Quantitative Data Analysis

Installation Information

Version:  9.1      Version Date:  2013

Where Installed: The student version is available through BC's Application Server (Citrix).

Technical support:  Please contact Rani Dalgin (617-552-1743 or

Terms of Use/Purchase Information:   Available for teaching and research in the computer labs in the departments listed below.

Free Student licenses with limited support and limitations on the model size may be downloaded from the ssicentral website:
A free 15 day trial version of Lisrel may also be downloaded from this website:

License Information

Number of Licenses:  Individually purchased

Type of License: Individual licenses (Windows).

Vendor/Developer:  Scientific Software International, Inc.

Vendor Website:

Documentation:  Documentation and other information such as an extensive bibliography are available at: