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General Information

Short Description: AMOS is an SPSS companion module that provides the user with a graphical user interface to perform structural equation modeling (SEM).

Long Description:  AMOS is a Windows based statistical software analysis package that can be used to perform structural equation modeling (SEM). Analyses that can be performed using AMOS include: path analyses, causal models, longitudinal data models with observed and latent variables. Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) is a special type of SEM that can be performed with AMOS. A researcher can use AMOS to analyze mean structures and multiple-group datasets, analyze data from several populations at once and analyze multiple models simultaneously, identifying nested models and automatically calculating test statistics.

AMOS is often compared to other SEM software packages such as LISREL.

Category: Quantitative Data Analysis

Installation Information

Version:  16      Version Date:  December 2007

Installation Information: Please contact your local TC.

Technical support:  Please contact Rani Dalgin (617-552-1743 or

Terms of Use/Purchase Information:   Available for teaching and research in the computer labs in the departments listed below. If licenses are available, it can be installed on BC owned computers for faculty and staff without charge.

Additional modules and Amos for use on non-BC owned computers may be purchased from SPSS at:

Modules can also be rented on a six-month or yearly basis by BC students and faculty at:

License Information

Number of Licenses:  150

Type of License:  Individual licenses.

Installed Sites: Graduate School of Social Work (GSSW), BC owned computers (See Terms of Use/Purchase Information above).

Installed Platforms: Windows 2000, NT, XP.

Vendor/Developer:  AMOS Development Corporation distributes AMOS through SPSS Corporation. The user interface was written by Dr. James Arbuckle of Temple University and he has published numerous articles on his approach to SEM ( SPSS has exclusive distribution rights for AMOS.

Vendor Website:

Documentation: Documentation is available (under SPSS) from