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Statistical Software Tutorials

Online help for R and SAS.

Below are some useful online resources and guides for software supported by Research Services.

R statistical software.

  • R can be downloaded at by following this link:  Note for first time users we recommend downloading the base package.

Online Books:

  1. R for Beginners
  2. Using R for Data Analysis and Graphics
    Introduction, Code and Commentary.
  3. simpleR---Using R for Introductory Statistics.
  4. The R Guide.
  5. Learning Statistics with R---This book was written by Daniel Navarro.  He intended the book as a tutorial for psychology students.


  1. A listing of videos by topic from Texas A&M.
  2. Learn R---a set of video tutorials for data science in R.  Requires a little searching around for the beginning. 


SAS statistical software. 

Note:  The online resources for SAS are nothing short of impressive.  Below we give guides for getting started in SAS.


  1. SAS for True Beginners---Part one.
  2. SAS for True Beginners---Part two.
  3. SAS for True Beginners---Part three.
  4. SAS for True Beginners---Part four.


  1. Our first choice when seeking SAS help.  Lots of topics covered.  
  2. For advanced topics: the SAS manual is a very good resource.  Be sure to click on the "topics" tab.