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General Information

Short Description: Nvivo7 is a qualitative analysis software package that is gaining popularity due to its logical organization and qualitative data querying and modeling capabilities.

Long Description:  Nvivo7 is one of a number of software packages that is used to assist in the analysis of qualitative data in text documents. When  analyzing Microsoft Word documents, headings may be used to implement automatic coding features.  As with other qualitative analysis software packages, researchers should have a good understanding of qualitative research methodologies.  Some of the strengths of Nvivo7 include:

  • You can import Microsoft Word documents and use the document heading structure for developing models of relationships between quantitative data (automatic Nvivo7 coding)
  • Supports multiple languages including character based languages
  • SQL style data queries
  • Graphically display ideas, connections and findings using color coding features and node mapping functions
  • NVivo7 allows you to edit and annotate your documents after they've been imported. You can also create memos to capture more detailed thoughts regarding your analysis process and methodology, and link them to your research documents.

Category: Qualitative Data Analysis

Installation Information

Version:  7.0.274      Version Date:  2007

Technical support:  Please contact Research Services (

Terms of Use/Purchase Information: Faculty members can purchase NVivo through their departments or schools.  Departmental and faculty purchases can be added to the current BC license.  The cost is discounted, but requires a 3-year contract.

A free fully functional 30-day trial of the Nvivo7 software may  be downloaded from:

If you already have Nvivo7 you can download an upgrade at:

License Information 

Type of License:  Desktop.

Installed Sites: Individual faculty machines.

Installed Platforms: Windows.  Nvivo seems to run on Intel-based Macs through Windows emulators, although official support is not offered.

Vendor/Developer:  QSR International

Vendor Website:

Usage Information

Documentation: A number of free introductory tutorials are offered on the QSRInternational website at:

Lyn Richards, former Director of Research for QSR International has written 10 online Nvivo7 tutorials that can be downloaded:

She has also written a free downloadable handbook about how to get started with your qualitative project once you have completed the tutorials: